Timewade’s work with Exeter Science Park

Timewade’s work with Exeter Science Park 1000 519 Timewade
Providing IT support to Exeter Science Park

An app-driven approach to working is now reality at Exeter Science Park.

Tenants use the Exeter Science Park Connect app to unlock doors, book and access meeting rooms, search a directory to connect and collaborate with tenants, book events, log and monitor help desk tickets and more. 

Timewade procured the new system, and worked with the park to identify and deploy the most suitable supplier and technology, to help make everyday business seamless and safer.

 Tenants now book visitors in advance, triggering check-in emails and arrival notifications, whilst the cafe is now click and collect.

The approach also fits the park’s long-standing sustainability credentials, which includes motion sensors instead of light switches, and thermostatic controls as part of the building management system. 

Jordan Westcott, Operations Director at Timewade, said: “Exeter Science Park needed an automated system for tenants that would also enhance the visitor experience, to the point you forget the tech is there.”

Sally Basker, Exeter Science Park CEO, said: “Timewade is a great partner, as we continue to support the business community through the provision of a Covid-secure place to meet and do great work. The team worked to a tight timescale to establish and implement a new technology solution. The cloud software solution and app for our tenants has received very positive feedback.”


What Sally loves most about working with Timewade:

  • Responsive and professional project specialist support
  • Detailed scoping of the market to establish the best software for the requirements
  • Delivered within a tight timescale

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