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We provide a complete range of IT and technology solutions for organisations in sectors and industries including wholesale, manufacturing, financial services and many more.

Our approach is comprehensive, delving deep to understand the problems and opportunities for each client.

The result is an unrivalled approach and industry-leading solutions for your business.

MLA College

“Their balance of reactive and proactive support is what makes their solutions so effective.”

Dr Jaimie Cross, Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs at MLA College

What Jaimie loves about Timewade
  • Their proactive approach maps out areas of concerns, to prevent any issues further down the line
  • The team take ownership of any problems, and see it all the way through to resolution
  • The Service Desk’s response times are always really impressive

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Composite Testing & Evaluation

“Our proactive technology roadmap keeps us on top of changing technologies, and helps put things in place before any problems arise.”

Paul Yeo, Owner of CTE

What Paul loves about Timewade
  • Proactive management of our technology ensures we avoid any major problems further down the line
  • The friendly service and dedicated single point of contact makes them a great team to work with
  • Service Desk are quick to resolve any issues, and are always at the end of the phone when we need them

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Rain Nutrience

“Timewade is accommodating and understanding of our technology needs now and for the future.”

Kyle Dunbar, Managing Director at Rain Nutrience

What Kyle loves about Timewade
  • Timewade offer specialist knowledge and best practice every time
  • The team at Timewade has a good understanding of how manufacturers work and can make informed recommendations
  • Timewade are reliable and trustworthy, meaning Rain Nutrience can focus on what they’re good at – manufacturing

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Van Guard Accessories

“The project was very well planned, delivered on time and within budget. The ongoing support is like employing a team of full-time IT specialists with our productivity always at the forefront of their minds.”

Barry Woodward, Chairman at Van Guard Accessories

What Barry loves about Timewade
  • Comprehensive project plan, detailing what Timewade would achieve
  • All activity is delivered on time and in budget
  • Ongoing support from Timewade which is like having a full-time IT resource

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Exeter Science Park

“Timewade worked to a tight timescale to establish and implement a new technology solution. The cloud software solution and app for our tenants has received very positive feedback.”

Sally Basker, CEO at Exeter Science Park

What Sally loves about Timewade
  • Responsive and professional project specialist support
  • Detailed scoping of the market to establish the best software for the requirements
  • Delivered within a tight timescale

Learn more about our work with Exeter Science Park.

Halco Products

“The whole team at Timewade are so friendly and helpful and any concerns are addressed instantly. We feel a lot more confident in our technology and feel as though Timewade are an extension of our team.”

Clare Shobbrook, Finance and Office Manager at Halco Products

What Clare loves about Timewade
  • Timewade feel like an extension of the team, they understand the business and make plans and suggestions based on our goals and objectives
  • Technology moves so fast, Timewade helps us to keep up with the latest technology to support our business
  • The team at Timewade are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable, we enjoy working with them and have 100% confidence in the services they provide to us

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Fleet Components

“Timewade are exceptional at what they do. Be it ongoing IT support or specific projects, they really feel like an extension of our team.”

James Tout, Manager at Fleet Components

What James loves about Timewade
  • Full IT Systems Review completed with activity planned and budgeted into a Technology Roadmap
  • Timewade go above and beyond to make IT and technology stress free
  • Timewade feel like an extension of the Fleet team and understand what is needed

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Exmoor Trim

“We are incredibly grateful and impressed by the work completed by Timewade in the first six months of working with us. Upgrading our business processes could have been a risky and stressful period, but Timewade were so supportive and professional that any worries were alleviated.”

Andrew Horton, Managing Director at Exmoor Trim

What Andrew loves about Timewade
  • Timewade are always one step ahead and use progressive and innovative technology to ensure Exmoor Trim remain competitive
  • Timewade are our trusted technology partner, and truly want our company to be the best it can be
  • Timewade have upgraded our hardware and security systems and provided awareness training to ensure that we are now working securely
  • We now have the best equipment to meet our day-to-day business needs and to enable us to grow

Learn more about our work with Exmoor Trim.


“Thanks to Timewade, we are now able to use automated processes to fulfil and ship customer orders from all over the world. There were a number of hurdles for us to overcome, but Timewade were able to provide solutions to everything and have created a bespoke solution we are very pleased with.”

Lee Thomas, Technical Development Manager at Nutri-Link

What Lee loves about Timewade
  • A local company who are available for remote support as well as face-to-face consultations when required
  • Timewade has supported our growth journey, from a fairly small business through to a global brand
  • Timewade are a business partner who are proactive, responsive and competent

Learn more about our work with Nutri-Link.

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