GDPR Consent Form

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), this process outlines our commitment to our Business Partners and Customers set forth by the regulation with regards to Customer Data.

In some cases, in order to fully investigate a technical issue, we may require access to said Customers data.

Our preferred option at all times is to investigate issues without taking a copy of data, however sometimes this is not possible.

Additionally, when installing replacement machines, it may be a requirement to copy data from the old device to the new (thus handling a copy of this data) In either case, we kindly ask all Customers to select the ‘YES’ option at the bottom of this Timewade Data Request Consent Form to ensure that Timewade has Customers full approval to access their data for Projects, Support and/or development purposes.

For information on The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or to view our Privacy Policy, please click here. As part of our GDPR policy we commit to deleting that data from the Timewade system once we have concluded our data investigation or 30 days thereafter.

    Customer Data Sharing Consent

    Please select:

    By selecting YES, you confirm your consent to share your data with Timewade Ltd. for the purpose of investigation and development.

    Without consent, Timewade cannot carry out any investigations, requests or development work involving your data.

    By providing your data to Timewade you agree to that your data will be used under the guidelines set out in our privacy policy. By agreeing to this you acknowledge our processes and agree to the terms set out within the policy.

    NB: This requirement forms part of GDPR

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