Timewade’s work with Van Guard Accessories

Timewade’s work with Van Guard Accessories 1000 519 Timewade
Van Guard Accessories

Solving tech challenges for a growing market leader 

“We’ve definitely changed our approach. We’re now proactive rather than reactive,” says Barry Woodward, Chairman at Van Guard Accessories. “In a world where tech changes so fast, we’ve realised it’s a vital element of our business growth.” 

The challenge 

At the forefront of the commercial vehicle accessories market for over 30 years, Van Guard recognised they could not afford to be slowed down or derailed by potential technology disasters if business growth was to be maximised. That’s when they turned to Timewade.

Investing in the future 

“At Timewade, we believe you need the right strategy to ensure the right delivery.” Jordan Westcott, Timewade

First Timewade conducted a comprehensive IT systems review, looking at the Van Guard’s infrastructure to create a detailed IT Roadmap with strategic recommendations. These were 100 per cent aligned with the company’s business needs and growth plans, so Van Guard knew that investment in IT was investment in growth.

As a priority, a dedicated highly resilient broadband connection was commissioned. This gave Van Guard confidence in their broadband connection and supported growth, allowing for more remote working and putting automatic uploads for cloud backups in place, to ward off the risks associated with server failure. 

The next phase focused on upgrading ageing servers to a more reliable and warranty covered server. The on-premises Exchange email system was migrated to the more resilient Office 365. 

Timewade then moved Van Guard’s telephone system to a VoIP cloud-hosted approach, offering new features which have improved staff efficiency in their day-to-day roles as well as allowing for improvements to the service offered to clients.

Ensuring a competitive edge

Jordan Westcott, Operations Director at Timewade, says: “Like many companies, Van Guard knew they needed to improve their IT systems to support their commitment to achieving the highest standards and continue to grow. But the difference with many others is that they did something about it.”

Today, with a proactive approach to technology, Van Guard can focus on being a market leader in commercial vehicle accessories, safe in the knowledge that their IT systems are future proofed.

Jordan continues: “We’re proud to be helping Van Guard continue to thrive, making sure they have a robust and forward-looking IT strategy that gives them confidence that their tech is working for them, and giving them the capacity, resilience, security they need.”

Timewade has provided Van Guard with a strategic and forward-thinking approach to IT budgeting, stability and support and, with Timewade’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, their work as Van Guard’s Trusted Tech Partner continues today.

Another satisfied client

Barry Woodward, Chairman at Van Guard, says: ‘’Our experience with Timewade has been very positive. From the initial support work evolved a clear strategic approach. Every project we have worked on with Timewade has been very well planned, delivered on time and in budget and the ongoing support we receive is like employing a team of full-time IT specialists all with our productivity at the forefront of their minds”.

Barry identified the top three key things he loves about Timewade’s approach

  • Comprehensive project plan about what Timewade would achieve ✓
  • All activity delivered on time and in budget ✓
  • Ongoing support from Timewade like having full-time IT resource ✓

Take your first step

If you are a company focused on growth, taking a strategic approach to your IT and technology needs is vital.

Talk to Timewade about how Technology for Success can help boost your business through outstanding strategy and support – two comprehensive services for the price of one. Call 01392 367676 to book your free consultation.

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