Timewade’s work with Exmoor Trim

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For over 20 years, family-run business Exmoor Trim have produced authentic seats and hoods for Land Rovers which are shipped worldwide.

 Operating as a traditional cottage industry business, Exmoor Trim were aware that they needed to modernise their use of technology and cyber security to keep ahead of competitors.  

Exmoor Trim came across Timewade and were impressed by their proactive and professional approach, and, at the start of 2021, they began working with Timewade. 

At the start of the working relationship Timewade audited Exmoor Trim’s use of technology and worked with the management team to understand the business’ objectives and growth plans. This information shaped the development of a detailed technology roadmap, setting out improvements which needed to be made and timescales to achieve these.

For Exmoor Trim, one of the highest priorities was improving the speed of their technology. Timewade began work on a major upgrade of the main business processes, starting with a component upgrade on their existing server, which has enabled the team to work more quickly and efficiently.

The ultimate goal for Exmoor Trim is to become a paperless company and Timewade is making this happen. Timewade is introducing technology such as tablets to replace the need for paper, making order fulfilment seamless and removing the risk of human error or important papers being lost.  

Andrew Horton, Managing Director at Exmoor Trim said: “We are incredibly grateful and impressed by the work completed by Timewade in the first six months of working with us. Upgrading our business processes could have been a risky and stressful period, but Timewade were so supportive and professional that any worries were alleviated.

“Timewade offers a personal touch where each member of the team really takes the time to know and understand our business and our technology needs. The team have made us feel cyber safe, and have introduced the technology we need to work productively and continue growing the business.”

Exmoor Trim are now looking towards their next project with Timewade which will include a major upgrade to their connections system, through the installation of full fibre broadband.

Through their technology strategy, Exmoor Trim now has a clear vision of how they can achieve their business growth objectives through the use of reliable, safe and innovative technology solutions.   

What Exmoor Trim love most about working with Timewade: 

  • Timewade are always one step ahead and use progressive and innovative technology to ensure Exmoor Trim remain competitive
  • Timewade are our trusted technology partner, and truly want our company to be the best it can be
  • Timewade have upgraded our hardware and security systems and provided awareness training to ensure that we are now working securely
  • We now have the best equipment to meet our day-to-day business needs and to enable us to grow

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