Zeke’s internship journey with Timewade

Zeke’s internship journey with Timewade 2560 1707 Timewade

Zeke Burningham joined Timewade for an internship this spring, to get firsthand experience of life in the world of tech, and gain skills in IT. In his blog, find out how it went, what he learned, and what he loved most about his time with the team:

I discovered Timewade at the University of Exeter Careers Fair, where I had a delightful conversation with Sam Rager about the company and careers in IT. Intrigued by our chat, I inquired about potential opportunities and was thrilled to learn that they were keen on taking on a summer intern. With assistance from the A2I scheme, Andrea Hodges and Ross Coram, through the University of Exeter, I managed to secure this amazing opportunity.

My welcome

The internship kicked off with a visit to the Timewade office, where I was introduced to the team. From the outset, I found the team to be incredibly warm and welcoming. I began to understand the inner workings of the company and how to address various challenges using the resources provided by Timewade. Ross emphasised the importance of asking questions, and the team wholeheartedly supported this approach, always ready to assist whenever I needed help.

Learning the ropes

One of my first assignments was shadowing colleagues on the service desk. This experience was invaluable as I observed how Timewade efficiently resolved clients’ issues and communicated effectively, ensuring clients felt secure and confident in our services.

Tackling projects

Project 1: MAC OS screen connect updates

My first major project involved managing MAC Operating System Screen Connect updates, which included interacting with customers to address any issues that arose. With the guidance of my colleague Ian Wilderspin, I learned how to navigate and resolve these challenges. This project honed my critical thinking skills and taught me how to maintain customer trust even when faced with delays.

Project 2: Enhancing email security with DKIM and DMARC

As I wrapped up the first project, I transitioned to adding DKIM and DMARC to domains. This task aimed to enhance email security and ensure Gmail clients could maintain their emails post-updates. Effective time management and organisation were crucial for this project, so I created Excel sheets to track progress and keep all information organised.

Project 3: Implementing multi-factor authentication

For my final project, I applied the skills I had developed from my previous tasks. This involved adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to user accounts. The first step was to analyse data and identify users who needed MFA. I then debugged and ran PowerShell scripts to extract the necessary data, cleaned it up, and presented it in an easily understandable format. After completing this, I set up appointments with clients, ensuring I could continue with the updates. This allowed me to have polite interactions with customers, arranging dates and times to implement this.

Team events

During the internship, I had the opportunity to attend social events with the company, such as watching the England Euros at Winslade Manor Ltd with the entire team, and Matthew Resch from Pax8 . This was a fantastic opportunity to bond with the group and feel more comfortable.

I also had an eye-opening invitation to the company’s annual meeting, where company goals, achievements, and updates were reviewed. This gave me an opportunity to see what the working environment really involved and how optimisation in tasks is essential.

Finally, I got to organise and join in with the company Euros sweepstake, where I drew Slovenia and Serbia. Despite my initial disappointment, this did not take away from the sense of inclusion I felt from the team and the competitive spirit.


Throughout my internship at Timewade, I gained invaluable firsthand experience in IT and developed skills in problem-solving, time management, and customer communication. The supportive environment and practical projects provided a fantastic platform for learning and growth. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying these skills in my future endeavours.

And I didn’t even have to make the team coffee.

Plus while I was with the team, they had their team photoshoot day which they welcoming me to be a part of, and I’m taking away from professional shots, which will feature soon…

A big thank you to Jordan Westcott, Ross Coram, Julian Wills, Ian Wilderspin, Owynn Quinton, Dylan Green, Jack Dale, Candice Walters, Jacob Ringer, Jess Stephenson, Joshua Catling, Michael Pearce, Sierra Nadia, Edward Lister, John Turner, Alfie Edwards, and Paul Lewis.

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