How I got into Tech: Jacob Ringer, Technology Project Specialist at Timewade

How I got into Tech: Jacob Ringer, Technology Project Specialist at Timewade 1816 1812 Timewade

Jacob has been a Technology Project Specialist at Timewade for just over a year. In this blog we explore how his personal interests led him to a career in technology which he loves.

Route into Tech

Jacob says: “I first got into technology when I was about 3 years old. My Dad was a Primary School teacher and used to bring old PCs home for the summer. I used to play video games on a Windows 3.1 machine and later, when I was around 13, I started to play around with gateway computers from America. 

“I found I had a natural aptitude for exploring how computers and hardware systems work and built my first computer in my early teens.”

Skills and qualifications

Jacob started studying for A-Levels, but realised he was 100% set on working with computers, and was keen to get started. 

“Despite being on track for good grades, I knew that A-Levels weren’t for me. Instead I changed direction and did a BTEC in IT at Exeter College. 

“I decided quite late that I wanted to go to Exeter College, but the process was really straightforward. After applying in July, I was accepted and started the course just a few weeks later in September. 

“The BTEC was really hands-on and informative, and prepared me with the skills and experience I needed to land me my first IT role straight after qualifying.”

The world of work

Since completing his BTEC, Jacob’s been on an upward career trajectory.

“After entering the world of work I have gained on-the job experience at two respected IT support firms in Exeter. 

“In my current role as Project Specialist, I work with customers from the very start of their project; identifying what their objectives are, and exploring what can be achieved through technology. This information informs a series of recommendations about what’s best for the customer. 

“I spend my days getting hands on with computers and problem solving for customers. I really enjoy the problem solving aspect of the job. I view computers as one big logic puzzle to focus on and solve.

“It’s really gratifying when I work on a project which really helps a customers’ business to thrive and seeing the positive impact you’re having.”

The future

“The IT and technology sector offers a lot of job satisfaction, as well as the chance to develop your skills and progress within a company. For me, there’s nothing better than working to solve a problem and find solutions for customers so I’m really satisfied with my role.”

Words of wisdom

For anyone thinking about their future, Jacob’s advice is: “Pursue something you’re interested in and something you enjoy, and the rest will follow.

“If you’re looking to get into the technology sector, I would recommend obtaining the skills you need. An apprenticeship at Exeter College or an internship at an IT support company is invaluable to see how the sector works. 

“There are some fantastic free resources online. You can set up free Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure accounts to learn how to create systems and demos, and there are YouTubers out there providing a wealth of free information.”

Next steps

There are a number of courses available at Exeter College including BTEC’s, and apprenticeships for school leavers as well as 12-week skills bootcamps for adults aged 19+. 

Discover more at: 

To find out more about the best route for you contact the Apprenticeship Team at Exeter College:; 01392 400800.

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