Timewade and Exeter College work together to boost career aspirations

Timewade and Exeter College work together to boost career aspirations 984 576 Timewade

Exeter-based IT support specialist Timewade is working with Exeter College to encourage more young people to consider a career in technology with a series of ‘How I got into Tech’ blogs showcasing the educational and career journeys Timewade employees have taken.

In the series, Timewade employees share how they got into technology, what they like about working in the sector, and their advice for young people making decisions about their careers.

A new blog is shared on the Timewade website every two weeks. It so far features the stories of Jacob Ringer, Technology Project Specialist, Candice Walters, Business Technology Consultant, and Ross Coram, Service Desk Team Leader. Each blog includes information from Exeter College about how young people and adults in the South West can take part in qualifications at the college including A-Levels, T-Levels and apprenticeships.

Julian Wills, Managing Director at Timewade, said: “Tech is the fastest growing sector in the South West. At Timewade we have never been so busy and are always looking to recruit the brightest talent so there are lots of career opportunities available. We’re working with Exeter College to showcase the diverse range of educational routes our employees have taken, and to celebrate how a personal interest in technology, such as gaming or fixing PCs, can lead to a successful and rewarding career in technology.”

Andrea Hodges, Digital Training Advisor at Exeter College said: “The ‘How I got into Tech’ series with Timewade showcases how important it is for individuals to follow their interests when choosing a career. Many of the employees featured in the series have realised their passion for technology in their personal lives, and have then gone on to achieve relevant qualifications and gain valuable experience in the workplace to progress their careers. It is really inspiring to hear about the different journeys Timewade employees have taken and the positive impact their time at Exeter College has had. There are training options available for everyone regardless of age to suit a variety of learning styles including apprenticeships, BTECs, T-Levels and Digital Bootcamps”

Jacob Ringer, Technology Project Specialist at Timewade, who features in the series, says: “I first got into technology when I was about 3 years old. My Dad was a Primary School teacher and used to bring old PCs home for the summer. I used to play video games on a Windows 3.1 machine and later, when I was around 13, I started to play around with gateway computers from America. I did a BTEC in IT at Exeter College which was hands-on and informative, and prepared me with the skills and experience I needed to land me my first IT role straight after qualifying. For people looking to get into the technology sector, I would recommend obtaining the skills you need. An apprenticeship at Exeter College or an internship at an IT support company is invaluable to see how the sector works.”

To read the inspiring interviews in the series, go to: https://timewade.com/resources/ and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To find out more about Exeter College, visit: https://exe-coll.ac.uk/

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