From law to technology: Joshua’s journey to Software Analyst

From law to technology: Joshua’s journey to Software Analyst 984 576 Timewade

Joshua joined our team in January this year as a Software Analyst. 

In this blog, Joshua discusses his new role, how he got into tech and what advice he would give someone who wants to get into the sector. 

What does your role at Timewade involve?

“I mainly work with Sage 200 software and the third-party integrations, helping the software team with new projects” he explains. 

“I work with our developers, to troubleshoot issues and brainstorm ideas”.

At the heart of Joshua’s role is Sage 200, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software (ERP) utilised extensively by Timewade’s customers.

 “Sage 200 is integral to our customers’ businesses, giving a streamlined system to manage orders, stock, manufacturing and integrations with multiple sales channels such as Amazon, eBay and Ecommerce website” Joshua emphasises. 

Currently based in the office at Winslade Park in Exeter, Joshua is preparing to transition to a hybrid working model as he progresses. 

When did you first become interested in technology?

“Tech was always more of a hobby when I was younger rather than my end career goal,” he explains. 

Despite initially pursuing a degree in law, Joshua soon realised his true passion lay elsewhere and decided to follow his lifelong interest in technology, and embarked on his tech career by starting on a helpdesk, where he gained valuable experience working on different cases. 

“I’ve always been tech savvy, so I was constantly learning new skills in the background,” Joshua said. 

After honing his skills for a few years, Joshua transitioned through renowned global technology companies like Oracle before joining Dell as a Software Engineer. At Dell, he gained extensive experience in software development, engineering, and incident management for global cloud platform events.

Now, as a Software Analyst at Timewade, Joshua brings his wealth of experience and passion for IT to the team. 

“I really enjoy problem-solving; it’s my favourite part of the job,” he shares. 

Joshua’s career journey hasn’t always been linear, but he’s found that by learning on the job and gaining qualifications through work, he’s been able to succeed in the tech sector.

What makes Timewade a great place to work?

“Everyone is great on the team and is super helpful, it’s always good to share and learn knowledge with the team”. 

“The learning and development opportunities are also really good. I’m currently undertaking some qualifications and in the future I would like to complete a project management certification.”

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in tech and IT?

“I’d say just don’t be afraid of starting at the bottom, just get your foot in the door and discover which areas you are interested in the most.”

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