Owynn’s journey to Service Desk Team Leader

Owynn’s journey to Service Desk Team Leader 2560 1719 Timewade

Owynn Quinton joined Timewade in 2021 as a Service Desk Analyst, and became a Technology Success Analyst a year later. Fast forward to January 2024, and he’s been promoted to our Service Desk Team Leader.

In this blog, hear about his career journey, what it’s like working at the Service Desk of an IT support provider, and what he loves about working at Timewade.

How was transitioning back to the Service Desk?

In his previous role as Technology Success Analyst, Owynn worked with our clients to ensure their technology is aligned with our best practices. Now, he leads our Service Desk team, who provide remote technical support to clients.

“It’s an exciting challenge, it’s always great to take on something new,” Owynn said.

Having no prior experience in a leadership role, Owynn saw this as an opportunity to stretch his boundaries and embrace the complexities of leadership.

What does your role look like?

As a Service Desk Team Leader, Owynn’s day-to-day activities are a mix of direct technical support and leadership tasks.

Owynn said: “My main focus is on maintaining the service desk, ensuring timely responses to tickets, and meeting weekly goals.”

Owynn remains hands-on in this new role, participating in ticket reviews and offering support to his team members as they resolve technical issues for clients.

What’s it like working at Timewade?

Working at Timewade has been a journey of progression and personal development for Owynn.

He explained: “It’s great that I have been able to progress into different roles since I’ve been here. It’s given me such a breadth of knowledge and experience.”

Owynn also loves working closely with the rest of the team: “In this role, I’m in the office regularly so it’s always nice to see different people throughout the week.”

The company’s support for career advancement has enabled Owynn to explore different roles, gain a wealth of experience, and now lead the service desk team.

Learning and development

“I have recently just completed a Mental Health course to become a certified mental health ambassador for Timewade, which is something I’m passionate about. It’s so important to support the team in their wellbeing”.

Owynn also completed the MS900: Microsoft Fundamentals, just before Christmas.

What advice would you give to someone starting a career in tech?

For those looking to start a career in technology, Owynn emphasises the importance of gaining exposure to technology early in your career.

The IT industry’s fast-paced nature requires a proactive approach to learning and adapting.

“It’s really beneficial to get hands-on experience when you’re starting out in IT,” advises Owynn, highlighting the value of up-to-date knowledge and practical skills.

Owynn added: “I’m excited to be taking on a new challenge and look forward to the year ahead”.

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