Growing in tech: Finlay’s journey to Technology Success Analyst

Growing in tech: Finlay’s journey to Technology Success Analyst 2208 1243 Timewade

Finlay joined our team in June 2023 as a Junior Technology Success Analyst for six months before being promoted to Technology Success Analyst, delivering Timewade’s Technology for Success framework to help our clients get the most out of their technology.

In this blog, Finlay discusses his new role, how he got into tech and what advice he would give someone who wants to get into the sector. 

What does being a Technology Success Analyst involve?

Finlay explained: “It’s more of a proactive role, which a lot of companies don’t have. I visit the client on-site and check all of their technology systems against our own set of best practices. There are 6 key areas and I really enjoy the Cyber Security area. 

“Initially when I started I shadowed Owynn Quinton, the Technology Success Analyst at the time, so I would visit clients with him. Over time, I gained the confidence and skills to visit clients on my own. 

“Now that I’ve been in the role a little longer, I’m able to analyse our clients’ systems much quicker, so that issues can be fixed or prevented really efficiently. It’s such a satisfying part of the job.”

How did you get into tech? 

“Technology and IT was always the route I wanted to go down, there was no question about that! I started as an Apprentice at Exeter College, and then got my first IT role at Timewade.

Finlay went on to say: “My love for technology started off with gaming when I was younger. It was something I was always good at, and being in a more professional setting definitely helped me turn my passion into a career.”

What do you enjoy most about being a Technology Success Analyst?

Finlay said: “I find my role really satisfying as I’m able to complete my reports and improve technology for our clients. I love seeing their business operations improve and grow as a result of our work.

“It’s also nice being in a different location every day – I never get bored of it! When you’re in a new environment daily, meeting clients onsite, you get to see new faces and build relationships.”

What’s the learning and development like?

“I enjoy the focus on continuous learning that we have here at Timewade. IT is a fast-growing industry so I like to stay on top of changing technologies, and keep my skills and knowledge up to date.”

In the next year, Finlay will be completing CompTIA Network+ along with several Microsoft courses and a Sophos Firewall course.

Finlay added: “I’m very happy at Timewade. This step up has given me more responsibility and independence, which I’m really excited about, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in my journey here.”

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