Why people-first customer service always wins

Why people-first customer service always wins 2560 1707 Timewade

Blog post written by Jordan Westcott, Managing Director

In the fast-paced world of IT support, where technology and human interaction intertwine, the concept of people-first customer service isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s the cornerstone of building lasting relationships and trust. As the Managing Director of Timewade, I’ve had numerous conversations with clients.

Our clients often share their frustrations before switching to our services. These pain points highlight the need for a more human-centric approach to IT support.

The battle against impersonal service 

With chatbots and automated responses being the norm, services often lose the human element of customer service. When the systems go down or critical issues rise, the absence of a real, empathetic human voice can escalate frustrations.

The struggle to reach an expert

When your tech isn’t cooperating, first-line technicians should be the first port of call when IT problems occur, but when clients encounter unqualified call loggers, scripted responses, and a lack of technical expertise, it leads to delays and risks to vital infrastructure. 

Inefficiencies in communicating issues 

When things go wrong, speed is of the essence. Forcing clients to describe their issues via email, especially when they lack technical knowledge, slows down the process. 

Choosing sales over strategy

Having a commission-based salesperson making your technology recommendations is risky. Strategic, consultative, and long-term planning is required to truly align technology with business needs, not a quick sale.

A Focus on Problems, Not Solutions 

When multiple systems could be at fault, clients shouldn’t be caught in a blame game between their IT support and other suppliers. A proactive approach involves taking ownership, effective communication, and a commitment to finding and resolving the root cause.

The Timewade way: People at the core

At Timewade, we’ve realised that a genuine people-first approach is more than just a slogan. We ensure that every client feels heard, prioritised, and valued as a partner. That’s why some of our Core Values include:

Be Professional: Regardless of the communication method, our team is ready to respond with the necessary expertise to address issues promptly.

Building your Future: Forward motion in everything we do, helping clients, employees and future talent achieve more and do great things.

Build Partnerships: We prioritise in-person meetings with our clients. We believe in the power of human connections. Our team is our greatest asset in providing exceptional service.

We’re not robots. We’re people. And putting people first is everything to us.

If you want to talk to real people about your IT, contact us to arrange a call.

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