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Devon-based Halco Products have been a supplier to major UK retailers for almost 20 years. Key to their success is their flexibility, willingness, and ability to find retailer specific solutions. Along with innovative new product development, creativity, design and excellent serviceability, they have maintained long and successful relationships with multiple retailers.

Over the past decade they have grown the business, their product range and have enjoyed exponential growth. As the company has grown, their technology needs have changed, and as a result they needed to find an IT and Technology support partner who could support the business’ day-to-day operations and help them to plan for the future. 

The Halco team met with Timewade and were immediately filled with confidence by the team’s experience and professionalism. At the start of 2021, Timewade started to work in partnership with Halco Products to provide an ongoing Technology strategy and support service.

At the start of the contract, Timewade took the time to understand exactly how Halco Products operated. Clare Shobbrook, Finance and Office Manager, commented: “The time spent between client and supplier at the beginning of the partnership fostered a fantastic working relationship, where all parties feel comfortable with one another and the team all feel confident that Timewade knows and understands our business objectives.”

In just a few months, Halco Products have reported huge benefits from their improved use of technology.

The team are now set up with the technology they need to support secure remote working including new laptops and phone systems and are confidently using One Drive to access files anytime, anywhere, facilitating more collaborative ways of working using secure and reliable technology.  

Halco are all working with the latest firewalls and the whole team has received training in the new technology systems, as well as cyber security, which will be refreshed by the Timewade team on an annual basis. 

Clare Shobbrook said: “Working with Timewade is great. We have regular meetings with the Operations Director, Jordan. Jordan really listens to us and uses this information to guide us on what he thinks are the best solutions for our business. The whole team at Timewade are so friendly and helpful and any concerns are addressed instantly. We feel a lot more confident in our technology and feel as though Timewade are an extension of our team.”

“Each quarter Timewade reports on work completed and makes suggestions for the next quarter. Technology moves so quickly and we are so busy running the everyday business it’s great to have Timewade looking after the tech side of things and planning our next move!”

What Halco Products love most about working with Timewade:

  • Timewade feel like an extension of the team, they understand the business and make plans and suggestions based on our goals and objectives
  • Technology moves so fast, Timewade helps us to keep up with the latest technology to support our business
  • The team at Timewade are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable, we enjoy working with them and have 100% confidence in the services they provide to us

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