A warm welcome to Information Technology Business Consultant, Candice Walters

A warm welcome to Information Technology Business Consultant, Candice Walters 2560 1920 Timewade
Candice, Business Consultant

Candice joined the world of Information Technology after completing a Business and Management degree at the University of the West of England. After three years of working for a large internet provider, Candice was ready for her next challenge and made the move to Timewade as Information Technology Business Consultant.

Five months after arriving at Timewade, we caught up with Candice to find out more about her experience, how it’s going so far and her vision for the future. 

Candice says:

“I was attracted to the role with Timewade as I wanted a new challenge in an exciting workplace. Coming from a telecoms background, this role felt like a natural transition for me. I wanted to develop my IT skills and the chance to work more closely with local customers really appealed to me. 

“In today’s climate, with the uncertainty of Covid-19 and remote working, I was apprehensive about starting a new role and having to onboard remotely. Jordan Westcott, Operations Director, was extremely supportive and ensured I had a good home working setup, and a thorough onboarding process which allowed me to get to know the team and how the company operates.

“By using the same technology that we use to support our clients with such as Microsoft Teams, I have been able to shadow colleagues through video calls and screen sharing as if I were sitting next to them in the office. This has enabled thorough on-the-job learning despite working remotely.

“Every member of the Timewade team was happy and available to help smooth my enrolment and the time that was invested in my initial weeks had been well thought-through, helping me to learn a tremendous amount in a very short space of time. 

“As Information Technology Business Consultant I work closely with Timewade’s clients to understand their existing IT and their technology requirements. With a high-level view of the technicalities required I then provide advice on the best technology infrastructure for their business. 

“Even within my first few weeks I was actively building my portfolio of training certification achievements including  Sophos training and accreditation. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of personal progress and it’s been an incredibly rewarding few months.

“We have a team social every Friday at 5.15pm with a strict ‘no work talk’ policy. This has given me the chance to meet the whole team virtually and has been crucial in helping me settle in so smoothly.

“My first impressions of the company were of a highly organised, friendly, cohesive, highly knowledgeable team. From day one I was made to feel instantly welcomed and a valued part of the company.

“My journey at Timewade has just begun, and I am really excited for my future supporting South West businesses with their technology needs.”

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