What’s it like being a Centralised Services & Service Desk Analyst Apprentice?

What’s it like being a Centralised Services & Service Desk Analyst Apprentice? 640 480 Timewade

Joseph Larkins is doing an IT apprenticeship with Exeter College, working at Timewade four days a week as a Centralised Services & Service Desk Analyst Apprentice. Find out what Joseph is learning on his course, how he discovered his love for tech and IT, and what he’s getting up to in the Timewade office.

Joseph’s week is split between working on centralised services, looking at how we can improve the workflow of the service desk and rolling out behind the scenes improvements for clients, and working on the service desk, helping to resolve a range of IT issues. He also spends one day a week at Exeter College, learning the more theoretical side of his apprenticeship, from coding to business management.

Joseph said: “It’s been a big transition going from school to the office, but one I’ve definitely adapted to well. I’m really enjoying being in the office environment. The work is nice and varied, and the team get along really well. They’re a brilliant group of people to work with.”

To anyone weighing up their options for getting into a new career, Joseph recommends considering an apprenticeship.

“I’m glad I went down the apprenticeship route. I found out about apprenticeship opportunities at a career day at school, and thought it would be a great way to kickstart my career. With sectors like technology and IT, the more experience and skills you can get, the further you can go.”

“I would really recommend anyone considering an apprenticeship to go for it! There’s no downside, as you get an A-Level with it, and can go on to do whatever you want afterwards, whether that’s going to university, getting further A-Levels, or staying on to continue developing your career.”

Joseph’s passion for technology has been there from an early age, and he enjoys repairing phones and laptops in his spare time.

“My love for technology has been there since I was very young! I was always taking things apart and looking at how things work. I used to go to businesses who were closing down to ask for their old devices, take them home, take them apart, and play around with them. From there it just snowballed, and I started fixing mobile phones and laptops. In 2020 I started a phone repair service within my local community, helping friends, family and neighbours to fix their devices, which is something I still do outside of my work and studies.”

And what does the future hold?

“My apprenticeship is 18 months long, and after that I’m looking forward to adding to the skills I’ve already learned, and continuing to get hands-on experience to continue my journey in tech.”

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