5 tips on how to get into tech as a career

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We may be biassed, but at Timewade, we believe the tech sector is one of the most exciting sectors to work in. Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate, keeping tech specialists on their toes. If you are wondering how to get into tech as a career, there’s always new technology to learn about, new skills to develop, and new opportunities to explore.

More tech companies start up every day, and more technology is used across each sub-sector, creating new opportunities for jobs in tech and better job security.

At Timewade, we make sure our clients are on top of tech industry trends to suit their business needs. Our employees regularly train in new areas to support clients with emerging and innovative technology solutions.

If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door and starting a career in the exciting and fast-paced world of the technology industry, we’ve pulled together five handy top tips to get the ball rolling – take it from us, we’ve been there! 

1. Find your passion for tech

When we’re recruiting, we’re looking for people who are passionate about what they do and are excited to learn. 

Technical skills and training can be learned on the job to an extent, but finding out what it is you love to do is the first step to a career working in tech.

There’s a huge range of areas to explore, including:

  • data analytics
  • app development
  • web development
  • IT infrastructure
  • cyber security

Discover what you love by talking to people already in the tech industry whose job interests you. The best way to try a potential passion out in the workplace is to do some work experience or interning with an employer that specialises in your interests. 

You can also keep your passion alight by exercising the soft tech skills that can fuel your future tech career. For example, some of our team love gaming in their spare time. Our employees often see the challenges they troubleshoot at work almost like a problem-solving game. Having exercised this skill in their spare time, they’re highly-efficient at resolving our customers’ issues.

2. Make use of free tech resources

Alongside finding your passion, you can start delving into your interests and gaining skills by accessing the free resources available to you, such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • playing around with technology in your own home
  • trying out free online courses
  • using career tools

There are loads of places to find free resources, including the Gov.uk website which offers a free skills assessment, and hundreds of job descriptions to help you to discover potential careers. It’s also worth checking out National Careers Service, YouthEmployment.uk and the range of free courses available from Microsoft

At Timewade, we regularly share insights into our IT and technology careers. Take a look at our Resources page for inspiration on how to get into tech.

3. Build your online presence

Connecting with people in the industry is a great way to find out more about the kind of roles available, and build relationships with companies and recruiters. 

Set up a LinkedIn profile to showcase your experience and training, and reach out to those in companies you’re interested in working for. By tailoring your profile for the tech sector, you’re more likely to showcase yourself to potential recruiters in the industry. 

Here’s a few pointers to get you started with setting up your LinkedIn profile and tailoring your profile for the tech sector.  

4. Connect

Did you know there are over 17,000 tech companies in the South West alone?

By doing some research into tech companies in your area you can get a feel for the sub-sectors that interest you and the role you want to pursue.

Look at Science Parks’ websites (such as Exeter Science Park and Plymouth Science Park), who host tenants across the tech sector and can provide an insight into the cutting-edge work they do day-to-day. 

Take advantage of organisations like Tech South West, that provide a network for tech companies and start-ups across the region and produce a list of relevant companies that you could approach. 

When reaching out and establishing a connection, it’s a good idea to find out more about what training they can recommend and what entry level work placements they offer. For best results, send a cover letter that expresses your interest in their organisation and your passion for technology. 

5. Technical training

Once you’ve made your connection with the right organisations it’s worth pursuing technical training to give you some hands-on experience, industry knowledge, and soft skills directly related to your future dream job.

Technical training can include:

  • Skills Bootcamps
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work placements
  • IT qualifications

Courses like Train4Tomorrow’s Skills Bootcamps are a great place to start because they can provide you with the real industry skills and experience needed to break into the tech sector. Train4Tomorrow Bootcamp’s can also connect you with industry employers looking to recruit fresh talent after you’ve completed the course. 

Education providers like Exeter College offer apprenticeships with local employers for those looking to enter the tech scene. An apprenticeship can provide industry learning and a qualification, covering the technical and the practical aspects, all whilst you earn! We often have apprentices working with us here at Timewade, to start their career journey.

Find your space

 There’s a whole wide world of tech out there, with a variety of career paths just waiting to be explored. If you are wondering how to get into tech, it’s important that you find your own space within the sector by following your passions and interests, and remaining open to the opportunities that come your way. 

Get in touch to talk to our team about starting your career in tech, or take a look at our vacancies.

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