What’s it like being a Project Specialist?

What’s it like being a Project Specialist? 500 497 Timewade

Jack Dale has been a Project Specialist at Timewade for three months, working with our clients to plan and implement new products and solutions.

Having always been interested in IT when he was at school, Jack ended up following that path through his studies, and worked with several other IT companies before joining Timewade in August 2022.

The Project Specialist role offers a lot of variety, and Jack is often out of the office visiting clients on site.

Jack said: “I enjoy being out and out visiting our clients; the days go quickly and it means it’s a pretty social role. Doing a different job each day keeps the work varied, whether it’s spending a day with a client, or several days setting up something more major.”

“Knowing that most days I’ll be carrying out a different job, in a different place, with different people is what I like the most about being a Project Specialist. I also enjoy thinking on my feet to tackle any issues that arise, and working out how to best support our clients.”

“As well as being on site, I also love spending time in the office. The team is brilliant and everyone gets on really well, so it’s a great group to be a part of.”

Timewade’s focus on learning and development means team members get to do on-the-job training to improve their skills, and Jack has already gained several qualifications and certificates.

Jack said: “I’ve already completed a few training courses in various softwares and applications, and my colleagues who have been here a bit longer have done other, longer qualifications as well. It’s great to have the opportunity to keep learning alongside our work, and the directors are always proactive and supportive in helping us do so.”

And what does the future hold?

“At the moment I’m working alongside the other Project Specialist to learn from them, and get to a really high standard with my work. I’ve worked with a few different IT companies, and Timewade is by far the best place I’ve worked. It’s a fantastic combination of a fun, friendly team, job perks, and generally just a great environment to work in. I’m excited to see the company grow, and discover more opportunities at Timewade in the future.”

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