Timewade’s work with Rain Nutrience

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Rain Nutrience is the UK’s leading full-service manufacturer in nutraceuticals, powder blending, and dietary supplements.

Manufacturing for startups, category leaders and multinationals, Rain Nutrience also works extensively with e-commerce market brands and third parties.

In the last six years, the Dunkeswell-based manufacturer has gone through massive growth, going from 10 to 140 full-time employees.

Rain Nutrience’s growth

With the extra challenges and IT support requirements that come from achieving this impressive growth, Timewade has provided Rain Nutrience with technology support for nearly four years so that they can concentrate on delivering industry-leading manufacturing.

During the pandemic, Rain Nutrience’s growth accelerated due to its strong focus on e-commerce. 

An increase in e-commerce sales during the last 18 months through third parties such as Amazon and eBay, subscription-based models, and direct-to-consumer sales, has been a key driver for Rain Nutrience’s growth.

This success has allowed Rain Nutrience to invest heavily in its facilities and people, with a purpose-built facility including state-of-the-art machinery helping to consolidate growth across multiple sites.

Timewade’s support for Rain Nutrience

To support Rain Nutrience’s growth, Timewade undertook a huge project to change the way the manufacturer worked.

The project included major infrastructure changes including installing a new server, setting security boundaries, changing permissions, and deploying collaboration software. Timewade moved the company to Microsoft SharePoint and standardised hardware. 

During the pandemic and rapid e-commerce sales growth, Timewade supported Rain Nutrience’s office team’s technology requirements which were especially vital through the pandemic.

At the start of lockdown, Timewade seamlessly enabled 15 office staff to switch to remote working overnight. Over the following 12 months, 40 employees transferred to remote working with Timewade’s support.

Thanks to Timewade’s agile way of delivering projects, the transfer to remote working has been smooth.

Since the project to update the way Rain Nutrience works, Timewade has provided ongoing IT support, including maintaining servers, firewalls, cyber security and disaster recovery systems.

Kyle Dunbar, Managing Director at Rain Nutrience, explains: “We know our strengths and limitations, and we know that Timewade has specialist technology knowledge to support our business operations.

“Working with Timewade is great because they understand that we are incredibly busy, and that we don’t have the knowledge which they provide. They are like an extension of our team that we can trust. Working with Timewade allows us to focus on what we do best, manufacturing, plus, with their technology support we don’t lose time or resources having to deal with tech issues.

“Timewade is accommodating and understanding of our technology needs now and for the future.”

What Rain Nutrience love about working with Timewade

  • Timewade offer specialist knowledge and best practice every time
  • The team at Timewade has a good understanding of how manufacturers work and can make informed recommendations
  • Timewade are reliable and trustworthy, meaning Rain Nutrience can focus on what they’re good at – manufacturing

If your business is growing rapidly and you need technology support, or you’re a manufacturer who needs an IT support provider that is experienced in the sector, contact us online or call 01392 367676 to find out about our services. 

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