What’s it like to be a Project Specialist?

What’s it like to be a Project Specialist? 1703 1998 Timewade

Jacob Ringer has been a Technology Project Specialist at Timewade for just over a year.

In this blog he shares what the role is like and what he loves about working on complex IT projects.

Jacob says:

“For me, the role of Technology Project Specialist is perfect! I spend my days getting hands on with computers and problem solving for customers. I find it really gratifying when I work on a project which really helps a customers’ business to thrive and seeing the positive impact you’re having.

I joined the team at Timewade just over a year ago after working in second and third line support, and finally Solution design for a large ISP.

At Timewade, I’m responsible for working on large IT projects for a diverse range of customers, representing different sectors and business types.

I work with customers from the very start of their project; identifying what their objectives are, and exploring what can be achieved through technology. This information informs a series of recommendations about what’s best for the customer.

Once a solution to suit the customers’ business needs has been chosen, the fun really starts!

As Project Specialist, you get to do everything, and I’m responsible for planning IT projects from start to finish; installing and configuring the required systems and training employees so that they get the most out of the new technology. It’s this variety which keeps me motivated and interested.

In this role it’s important to have a working knowledge and prior experience of networking equipment and best practices, server systems, email and productivity systems such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. I was able to develop a lot of these skills in my previous roles in second and third line support and solution design.

Just as important are the ‘soft-skills’ such as project planning and management, and confidence in communicating with customers clearly and professionally via the phone, email and face-to-face.

There are lots of opportunities at Timewade for me to continue developing professionally and I’m excited to see what the future holds and the projects I can get my teeth stuck into next!

Interested in joining the team? Check out our careers page.

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