Our Values: Value 5 – Be brilliant

Our Values: Value 5 – Be brilliant 1600 900 Timewade
Timewade values be brilliant

At Timewade, our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

In our ‘values’ blog series, we’re deep-diving into each of our values and exploring what they really mean for our clients and our workforce.

So far we’ve explored the first four of our six values:

  • Build Partnerships
  • Be Professional
  • Be a Leader
  • Drive Results

In this blog, we’re delving into our core value of ‘Being Brilliant’.

Value 2: Be brilliant

Brilliant is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “extremely intelligent or impressive”.

At Timewade we aim to achieve brilliance every day, by providing a unique approach to technology support which goes above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

Choosing brilliance is a proactive choice we make every day, which we do through our supportive company culture and continual development and training.

We only work with the best in the business, and when we recruit we’re looking for team members who demonstrate brilliance – whether that’s a brilliant attitude to learning and development, a brilliant set of technical skills, a brilliant set of soft-skills, or a combination of them all! Being part of the Timewade team is just the start, and we work with our team on a daily and long-term basis to support brilliant service every day, and continual development. It’s this approach which has seen us retain team members for a number of years, and watch them go from apprentice right the way through to senior leadership. You can read more about our team’s journeys in the tech sector here.

Achieving brilliance on a daily basis is not easy, but it is a challenge we enthusiastically strive for.

Our open office culture of working together encourages collaboration and problem solving, and ensures our clients are receiving the top quality service they deserve. During the week, whether we’re working at a client site, in our new offices, or at home, our team is in constant communication with one another. We utilise the technology that we provide to our clients such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to maintain communications, and our managers have regular catch-ups with their teams, to ensure that staff are well supported, happy, and motivated to deliver brilliance to our clients. Each of our team members also has a proactive and comprehensive schedule of training. Whether it’s formal qualifications or support with specific aspects of their work, our proactive approach to staff development is what sets us apart from other IT providers.

As well as only working with brilliant people, we also only work with brilliant partners. We’re proud to partner with Microsoft & Sage who enable us to provide reliable technology support to our clients.

It’s the combination of a brilliant team and brilliant partners which leads to consistently satisfied customers. We are delighted that our NPS (Net Promoter Score) recently increased from a good score of 76 to a brilliant score of 80. 

Our core value of being brilliant consistently pushes us to deliver the best work we can, every day. Our team is motivated to provide this service for our clients, and for their own job satisfaction.

Take a look at some of the examples of our brilliant work in our case studies here.

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