What makes a technology support company stand out?

What makes a technology support company stand out? 2560 1707 Timewade

You’ve made the decision to choose a new technology support provider for your business. Now the challenge of researching and choosing the best provider begins. 

Before selecting IT providers it’s important to understand what you will get for your investment. 

Many IT support companies offer similar services and it’s hard to tell the difference between them. But how do you know what you need if you’re not a technology specialist? And how do you spot the point of difference that will benefit your business the most?

In this blog, we look at the services you should expect from any good technology support company, and how Timewade’s proactive approach sets us apart from other technology support companies.

Ongoing support, up-to-date systems and reducing reactive support

Your IT network and infrastructure needs constant monitoring and tweaking to ensure it’s performing at its optimum levels.

You shouldn’t have to wait for something to go wrong before your technology support company does something, or you have to waste time making a call.

At Timewade, we provide centralised services to all our clients so your IT is maintained in the background without disruption, meaning issues and updates are completed without you having to worry about a thing.

Our proactive approach reduces the chance of problems arising. We measure reactive hours per endpoint each month so you know how much time and money you’re saving on making calls.

Future proofing: Technology strategy roadmap

Unlike other technology support companies, Timewade’s proactive support goes much further than just maintaining your systems. We set out a technology strategy for your business at the very start of working together.

When you get your IT setup and technology strategy right, you future proof and drive growth in your business. At Timewade, we pride ourselves on our unique Technology For Success framework which offers businesses the complete package: proactive day-to-day IT support and a strategic roadmap to prepare for the future.

We continuously review your technology strategy and support as part of Technology For Success’. This ensures that your business is always up-to-date with the best systems and software, and has a clear roadmap to support your business goals through technology.

Getting the best value from your investment

When you’re choosing an IT provider, it’s important to balance quality, price and speed. These are nearly always interlinked and the age-old saying ‘buy cheap buy twice’ can often be true for IT support. 

Whilst not every business wants to invest in the most expensive option, understanding that quality and speed are likely to also be impacted means you can make an informed decision and therefore only need to buy once. 

That’s why, at Timewade, we have a dedicated procurement team to ensure that you get the best value out of the service you purchased. 

It’s key to understand what your business’ technological needs are before you invest, and this is what our team does so you know you’re getting the best possible service for your investment.

Being an extension of your team

Working with an IT provider should feel like working with an extension of your team. They should know your business inside out, be well connected to your IT / technical team and make decisions with your business’ best interest at heart. 

At Timewade, we choose not to do ad-hoc work. We don’t believe we can know enough about a customer for one-off projects and therefore can’t advise on the best solution for them. 

We choose to prioritise long-term clients and we work with them on an ongoing basis as a trusted technology partner and build a customised infrastructure to support long-term goals.

Having tech specialists that understand your business

You may be looking to completely outsource your IT or to find support which can boost your existing inhouse capabilities. By working with a professional IT support company you have access to a wealth of techie knowledge to enhance your business. Plus, if something does go wrong, you have a whole team on hand to jump onto your issue and resolve problems, often before the end user is even aware they exist. 

Working with a team of IT support professionals gives your business access to the latest tech tools as well as the latest trends and best practice to allow your business to thrive.

At Timewade, we go further than other technology support companies through our Technology For Success programme. We take the time to understand your business’ performance and growth goals.


Find out more how we can support your business by contacting us on our website or calling 01392 367676. 

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