Our values: Value 6 – Today not Tomorrow

Our values: Value 6 – Today not Tomorrow 1600 900 Timewade

At Timewade, our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

In our ‘values’ blog series, we’re deep-diving into each of our values and exploring what they really mean for our clients and our workforce.

So far we’ve explored the first five of our six values:

  1. Build Partnerships
  2. Be Professional
  3. Be a Leader
  4. Drive Results
  5. Be Brilliant

In this blog, we’re delving into our sixth and final core value of ‘Today not tomorrow’.

Value 6: Today not tomorrow

At Timewade, we believe in taking the proactive steps today, to achieve the business you want to see in the future.

We work with our clients on a long-term ‘technology for success roadmap’, which sets out their business goals, and the technology they will need to support them in getting there. Our team then work behind the scenes day to day, to support our clients with the technology they need now, as well as planning and implementing the technology they will need for the future.

Day-to-day goals and regular catch-ups with clients ensure that we are on track, and working proactively to achieve our work. By setting goals and manageable milestones, we are able to focus ourselves and our clients to take the (relatively) small steps needed every day, to achieve their long-term business objectives.

Each of our team are proactive in their approach to ‘getting things done’, and we instil our value of getting things done ‘today not tomorrow’ into our team members by always striving for excellence and improvement. This value has seen us provide customer service which goes above and beyond client expectations time and time again. We ensure that we start and finish each day with all of our clients’ technology needs in order, and well supported – never leaving issues unresolved until tomorrow.

We use this same value when it comes to our professional development, and as a team we are hungry to ensure that we are at the forefront of the latest technology. Every day we consider what we could and should be learning, and each team member has a comprehensive training plan.

In order to maintain this proactive and motivated approach to our work, we have fostered a team of supportive individuals, and strive to ensure that Timewade is a rewarding place to work. We achieve this through regular team and 1-to-1 meetings, as well as rewarding staff through recognition, career progression, employee bonuses and team socials.

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