Our Values: Value 4 – Drive results

Our Values: Value 4 – Drive results 1600 900 Timewade
Timewade values drive results

At Timewade, our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

In our latest blog series, we’re deep-diving into each of our values and exploring what they really mean for our clients and our workforce. 

In this blog, we’re delving into our core value of the work we do to ‘Drive Results’.

Value 4: Drive results

For 30 years we’ve been partnering with companies to help them achieve their goals.

Our unique ‘technology for success’ approach ensures we delve deep to understand the problems and opportunities for each of our clients, resulting in a technology strategy which is expertly and bespokely designed to reach the client’s goals.

Whether it’s business growth, increased sales, streamlined internal or external communications, or something else all together, our technology for success approach ensures that our clients have the technology they need in place to achieve their goals, in the short and the long term. At the core of our work is developing a strategy that not only minimises risks and makes the most of our clients’ IT and technology, but maximises business growth, now and in the future. It is this approach, combined with our expert team, which drives results for clients time and time again.  

Our team of brilliant people are professional, proactive, and experienced in technology. It is this expertise that allows us to deliver on our mission to drive outstanding results. 

The Timewade team have dedicated roles and specialisms, including Business Technology Consultants, Project Specialists, Technology Success Analysts, Sage Service Desk Analysts, and Procurement Managers. This ensures we have a wide range of knowledge and expertise, to achieve the best results in everything we do.

Our proactive approach includes a range of checkpoints and measures to monitor progress and ensure we are on track to deliver results. Face-to-face strategy meetings, and regular onsite visits and checks, mean we are never simply offering reactive solutions or last minute recommendations. As part of our continuous improvement protocol, we review over 550 checkpoints covering infrastructure, cyber security, business continuity, applications, processes and policies, which helps us to minimise risks, reduce unplanned downtime, and ensure our work is always driving us towards the results we want.

Ultimately, our goal to drive results can be seen in the outcomes of our work, like conducting a continuous comprehensive review of Van Guard’s infrastructure to create a detailed roadmap with strategic recommendations, or implementing new security systems and networks for Bartlett’s Refrigeration. We also see our drive to deliver results reflected in client feedback:

The project was very well planned, delivered on time and within budget. The ongoing support is like employing a team of full-time IT specialists with our productivity always at the forefront of their minds.
– Barry Woodward, Managing Director at Van Guard Accessories

At a critical time, Timewade provided the support we needed to move location and upgrade infrastructure. They planned and managed the whole project exceptionally well, and ensured everything ran smoothly.
– Ian Bartlett, Operations Director at Bartlett’s Refrigeration

Our core value of driving results consistently pushes us to produce the best results for our clients, every time. Our team are passionate about what they do, experts in their fields, and dedicated to going above and beyond to achieve the very best they can.

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