Timewade’s Esports Festival team are ready for battle!

Timewade’s Esports Festival team are ready for battle! 2560 1928 Timewade

Blog written by Sam Rager, Service Delivery Manager at Timewade.

Last year Timewade competed in the region’s first ever Esports Festival, and we’re excited to be back again for a second round!

Over 30 teams from across the region will take part in the tournament. We’ll be putting our gaming skills to the test at Exeter College’s state-of-the-art Digital and Data Centre on 2nd June.

What will we be playing?

Teams will go head-to-head in a knockout game of Rocket League, an arcade-style game where players use rocket-powered cars to play an adrenaline-fuelled game of football. As a fan of esports I’m excited for our team to take on the challenge at the Esports Academy!

Meet ‘TeamWade’

Alfie, Jack and Owynn

I’m really excited about this event as I have a longstanding interest in esports, and have participated in amateur esports both as a player and commentator. It’s fantastic to see events like this coming to the local area.

I’m looking forward to supporting Owynn, Jack and Alfie, and seeing how Tech South West and Exeter College have developed the event since last year. I’m also excited about the potential for the local esports scene to grow in the future, and will be hoping to see more events starting up.

Keep an eye on our socials on 2nd June to see how we get on!

Find out more about the Esports Festival.

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