You’ve got your game strategy, but what about your tech strategy?

You’ve got your game strategy, but what about your tech strategy? 612 408 Timewade
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Blog written by Jordan Westcott, Managing Director at Timewade

We’re excited to be sponsoring the 2022 South West Esports Festival, hosted by Exeter College in partnership with Tech South West. As we get ready to battle it out with the other 15 teams at the college’s Esports Academy on 24th February, we’ve mapped out our game plan to be crowned champions of the tournament.

Whether you’re gaming online, or playing a physical sport, having a game strategy is vital to success – but how many businesses have a strategy when it comes to their use of technology? Having a tech strategy allows you to make the best decisions for your business, supporting; employee productivity, communications with clients, and helping to attract new business and access new markets.

In this blog, we’ve set out how game strategy can be used to inspire your tech strategy


1. Bring your A-game

Performing to the best of your ability is crucial to success in games, sport and business. As is making sure every element of your business is working efficiently and effectively. Developing your tech strategy should start with assessing where you are now, and where you want to get to, with your current systems, employee skills, and leadership team. 

A tech strategy should be a core part of your overall business strategy. Make sure you bring your maximum focus and effort into developing it, so that you create a tech strategy that supports your businesses A-game!


2. Set clear goals

Without a clear target, how can we ever get the ball to the back of the net? It’s crucial to have ambitious and clear goals set out in your tech strategy, and to develop objectives that define how you will achieve these goals.

Reach out to your IT provider, if you have one, or other IT and technology specialists, for recommendations and advice. Set your priorities with the buy-in of the leadership team, to establish an action plan.

Find out how we help businesses set objectives and plan for success here.


3. Cover all positions

For a successful game plan, you need a mix of offensive and defensive players to cover all your bases. When it comes to your tech strategy, it’s no different. A mix of a proactive and reactive strategy will make sure you’re not only actively pursuing your goals, but that you’re prepared for any unforeseen risks.

Having team members, or IT support, who can quickly respond to cyber security threats or technical issues is key to ensuring you’re covered if you need to react quickly to any bumps along the road.

Find out about our cyber security employee training here.


4. Tactical flexibility

When putting together a game strategy, teams need to have contingencies in place for every scenario. For your tech strategy, understanding that your needs may change in the future can help develop a more flexible plan from the outset. After all, if the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that it can be impossible to be fully prepared for all eventualities.

Develop a culture of constant learning where employees are encouraged to learn through expert training. Get support from IT and tech experts who understand new and emerging technologies, and prepare a technology strategy which allows flexibility to meet your changing business needs.


Once your strategy is in place, and your team are trained, prepared, and motivated to bring their A-game, you’re ready to take your business to the next level using our technology for success framework.

Find out more about why every business needs a strong tech strategy, and start yours with our free downloadable tracker here.

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