Our Values: Value 2 – Be professional

Our Values: Value 2 – Be professional 1600 900 Timewade
Timewade values be professional

At Timewade, our values are at the heart of everything that we do. 

In this blog series, we’re deep-diving into each of our values and exploring what they really mean for our clients and our workforce. 

In this blog, we’re delving into our core value of Be Professional.

Timewade values be professional

Value 2: Be professional

‘Be Professional’ is one of our six company values. In a world of hybrid working, where the crossover between work and home has never been so blurred, we believe that professionalism is key to our ongoing success. In this blog we explore how we maintain professionalism in all areas of our work.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best service in the industry, and we work with our team to establish professional working practices – from how we answer the phone, and the response time of our emails, to how we conduct ourselves day to day. As a team we prioritise a pro-active and helpful approach to all clients, and each other, to deliver the best service possible. 

At Timewade professionalism is more than just good customer service skills. It’s about honestly and authentically helping our businesses to fulfil their potential through tech. To do this effectively we have to stay at the cutting edge of new developments; we want to be first to take advantage of new opportunities so that our clients can be the first to receive the benefits they provide. We ensure our team are constantly learning and developing to remain at the top of the sector, making sure we are always providing the best strategies, and getting the best results. Clients can be reassured with the knowledge that we have the skills and know-how to optimise their business; and we are constantly monitoring our own practices to ensure that our business is optimised as well. 

For us, an essential aspect of professionalism is integrity. At Timewade we never overcharge for our services, and we are 100% transparent about the cost of a project right from the start. Our commitment to integrity means that we’ll actually return any additional funds if a project comes in under budget, so that you can put it towards what really counts- developing and growing your company. Integrity allows for stronger, more professional business relationships, which is exactly what we aim to create. 

Another thing our clients can always count on is professional staff behaviour. Individually, as well as in a team environment, the team at Timewade understand and prioritise good business practices. This includes on client sites, in the office, working from home, and anywhere else your business may take you. Wherever we’re working you’ll find us smartly dressed, with the equipment needed to do the job. We only hire the best of the best to ensure that our clients get appropriate, professional, and highly skilled treatment. After all, our employees are our biggest asset, and we’re proud of how they represent our values. 

Professionalism is our commitment to integrity, honesty, pushing ourselves to be the best, and providing outstanding customer service.


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