Timewade welcomes new Junior Technology Success Analyst

Timewade welcomes new Junior Technology Success Analyst 2560 1920 Timewade

Finlay joined our team in June 2023 as a Junior Technology Success Analyst, delivering Timewade’s Technology for Success framework to help our clients get the most out of their technology. In this blog post, we sat down with Finlay to learn more about his role, his journey into the world of technology, and his experience working at Timewade.

What’s it like being a Junior Technology Success Analyst?

As a Junior Technology Success Analyst, I work closely with Technology Success Analyst Owynn, collaborating on client visits and completing alignment checks to deliver Timewade’s Technology for Success framework. 

My role ensures the success of our clients’ technology, employing a proactive and preventative approach. This includes regularly visiting clients, building strong relationships with them to assess and maintain their technology and keep their businesses running smoothly.

When did you first become interested in technology?

My interest in technology was sparked at an early age. At school I was always drawn to fixing technical issues, from helping teachers fix things in the classroom to building my own computers for gaming.

I went on to complete a two-year IT Communications Technician Apprenticeship at Exeter College and my interest grew from there. I then met Jordan, our Operations Director, at a college event which ultimately led to my current role.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to other people considering a tech career?

Absolutely! I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship for someone considering a career in tech. For me, the on-the-job experience was incredibly valuable and the practical, hands-on learning is really important in the tech industry. 

My apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge directly to real-world scenarios, which enhanced my understanding and skill development. Working alongside experienced professionals allowed me to learn best practices and gain insights from industry experts.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Timewade?

The culture the team has created at the office. It is great to learn new skills from a range of people with different experience levels. I’m looking forward to creating a personal development plan and building up my experience to work independently. 

I also love the new environment and the opportunity to learn in a professional setting. Making clients’ IT experience easy and preventing issues gives me a great sense of satisfaction. The impact we make and the smooth operations we ensure are truly rewarding.

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