Maximising efficiency and growth with co-managed IT services

Maximising efficiency and growth with co-managed IT services 2560 1707 Timewade

Managing and maintaining an effective IT environment can be a daunting task, requiring expertise, resources, and ongoing support. This is where co-managed IT services come into play, offering businesses a flexible and cost-effective solution to optimise their technology operations. 

Co-managed IT services offer businesses a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to optimise their technology operations. 

At Timewade, we understand the challenges faced by modern businesses, and our proactive and strategic approach to co-managed IT services can help your organisation achieve its goals and drive sustainable growth.

What are co-managed IT services?

Typically co-managed IT services consist of a business having a blend of internal IT employees, and outsourcing chosen services. This could be projects, service desk, consultancy services and many other services.

Why co-source IT? 


One primary advantage of co-managed IT services is its  cost-effectiveness. Businesses can benefit from a team of skilled IT professionals without incurring the expenses associated with hiring and training multiple full-time employees, particularly if the work does not warrant a full-time additional IT resource. 


Co-managed IT services can help prioritise cybersecurity to safeguard your business against potential risks. External IT support can work collaboratively with your internal IT staff to create robust security measures and carry out regular risk assessments as well as proactive measures against future threats.

Project support

As your business grows there may be times when you need expertise that your internal IT staff don’t have. From migrating cloud solutions to implementing cyber security, having a co-managed IT setup helps you tap into a pool of knowledgeable experts that have recent experience completing these works for similar businesses, so your business doesn’t spend time making mistakes. It also allows your internal team time to focus on strategic initiatives and core business objectives. 


Co-managing IT provides flexibility to scale your technology operations up or down as needed. Whether you’re expanding your business, introducing new systems, or adapting to market changes, external IT support can seamlessly integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, providing support whenever necessary. Having this flexibility ensures that your technology stays up to date with your evolving business objectives.

Strategic planning

Technology is a critical driver of business success. Co-managed IT services go beyond reactive support and proactive assistance. Prioritising strategic planning that aligns with your technology infrastructure and long-term business goals is also important. At Timewade our Technology for Success framework helps develop and implement a Tech Strategy for your whole business, to boost performance and growth.

We take a proactive and strategic approach to co-managed IT services. We understand that technology is a powerful enabler for businesses, and our goal is to align your IT infrastructure with your long-term business goals. Our team will work closely with you to develop a technology strategy that supports your business’s goals and enhances your IT efficiency. We provide both reactive IT support and proactive planning, ensuring your technology is future-proof.

With co-managed IT you can tap into additional expertise, and benefit from lower costs, increased flexibility, and improved security.  Sharing your IT support is a proactive and strategic approach that ensures your technology infrastructure aligns with your business aspirations.

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