Owynn’s journey to Technology Success Analyst

Owynn’s journey to Technology Success Analyst 2560 1744 Timewade

Since joining Timewade as a Junior Service Desk Analyst in December 2021, Owynn has been an invaluable asset to our Service Desk team, providing exceptional IT and technology support to our clients. After a year in the role, Owynn was promoted to Technology Success Analyst, and is excited to be implementing our proactive Technology for Success framework to help our clients get ahead through better use of technology. 

In this blog post, Owynn talks about his new role and what it’s like working as a Technology Success Analyst at Timewade.


What’s it like being a Technology Success Analyst?

As a Technology Success Analyst, my role is all about being proactive and ensuring the success of our clients’ technology. I carry out alignment checks on our clients’ technology environments to identify potential problems, so our team can resolve them before they even arise.

This means visiting clients regularly, to assess and maintain their technology. I absolutely love the variety this role brings, and it gives me the chance to build strong relationships with our clients.


What do you enjoy most about being a Technology Success Analyst?

One of the things I enjoy the most about being a Technology Success Analyst is the fact I’m always learning. Technology is constantly evolving, and at Timewade, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. We adapt our processes and implement new tools. 

We’ve recently aligned our checks to even more industry standards such as the National Cyber Security Centre cloud security principles and Microsoft Secure Score. Because of this, I get to expand my knowledge to meet the changing needs of our clients. This focus on development, coupled with the diversity of working across a range of clients, makes every day different.


Have you taken on any new responsibilities in your role?

With my promotion, I have taken on additional responsibilities, including mentoring Finlay, our Junior Technology Success Analyst. It’s fulfilling to support others as they develop their skills, and it’s nice to be working alongside each other when we go out to visit clients.

Finlay said: “Owynn and I make a great team, visiting clients together and working through our alignment checks. It’s great to have him supporting me as I work towards being a full Technology Success Analyst, and develop my skills in order to carry out the checks myself in the future.”


What are the learning and development opportunities like?

Timewade has a real focus on learning and development, and I recently completed AZ-104, a Microsoft Azure Administrator course.

Right now I’m working towards AZ-900 and MS-900, to certify my knowledge of cloud services and cloud-based solutions. After those, I’m sure there will be more to work towards!


What’s your favourite thing about working at Timewade?

The culture! We have a flat structure so it’s a very open, collaborative team. Everyone is incredibly supportive, and we work together seamlessly. It’s really nice when I’m in the office and get to have a catch up with everybody – it’s a genuinely friendly, social team to be a part of.

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