Our Values: Value 3 – Be a leader

Our Values: Value 3 – Be a leader 1600 900 Timewade
Timewade values be a leader

At Timewade, our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

In our latest blog series, we’re deep-diving into each of our values and exploring what they really mean for our clients and our workforce. 

In this blog, we’re delving into our core value of Being a Leader.

Timewade values be a leader

Value 3: Be a leader

Timewade and our employees are leaders in IT support and technology solutions. 

We have over 30 years experience working with South West SMEs, and our unique ‘Technology for Success’ approach has enabled countless brands to utilise technology to achieve their business goals.

Our expert and experienced team work closely with our clients to understand how they are currently using technology, identify what their business goals are, and explore how technology could be used to improve current working, and to support business goals. 

As leaders in our field, we work with our clients to make this vision a reality, developing a strategic ‘technology for success road map’. Having a clear Tech Strategy allows you to step back, be clear on your goals, and work out how technology will help you reach them. It covers your customers and clients, but also your employees, suppliers, and partner organisations.

To achieve true ‘Technology for Success’ across your business, you need a clear process and a ruthless focus on getting it done. Use our free Tech Strategy planning document to get started.

For us, people are at the heart of leadership. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, building a strong working relationship between our clients team and ours. Our committed employees make sure to visit the majority of our clients at least every other month, and spend a full day with them to truly understand what’s working, and what we can do next to get the most out of their technology strategy. Through our commitment to learning and development, we also work with our employees to ensure that they are always developing their skills, and becoming leaders in their own specialist areas.

We also run the free to join Technology for Success membership programme, helping businesses get the very best of technology for productivity, opportunity, and growth. Delivered in partnership with other industry experts, we share our knowledge to support the wider business community through events, insights reports, and blogs. Ultimately, we know that being a leader is all about sharing knowledge to help others, and working together is the best way to achieve that.

Being a leader is woven into our team through our experience, dedication, and commitment to continue learning and working with the latest technologies and industry knowledge. But we also place it at the heart of how we work with clients, knowing that it is our leadership, and team of knowledgeable, skilled individuals, that will bring their business to new heights.

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