When disaster strikes, what’s your plan?

When disaster strikes, what’s your plan? 600 400 Timewade

Your business may be performing well and running smoothly and then disaster strikes. Disasters can happen to any business at any time, whether it was caused by a natural disaster such as flooding, a cybercrime and ransomware, or even through human error by an employee, the permanent loss of data can have severe consequences for a business.

Of course no business wants to be faced with a disaster, but if it happens, businesses need to be ready.

Does your business have a continuity plan?

Every business regardless of size should have a business continuity plan in place, the larger the business the more comprehensive this may be, but it is very important for all businesses to understand what can put their data at risk and also how data loss can negatively affect their business. Some businesses will never recover from a disaster due to long downtime recovering and restoring data.

A comprehensive data back up and disaster recovery strategy should be an integral part of your Business Continuity Plan. Data backup is critical for pro-actively protecting your data and systems from any kind of disaster.

Do you know the true cost of downtime?

All businesses should be asking themselves, ‘how much downtime can our business afford?’ Because during periods of downtime, production will be low or non -existent and therefore sales and customer requirements not fulfilled. When downtime is longer than a working day or data recovery generally slow, it is not surprising that this will impact negatively on your bottom line as well as affect your business reputation.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery should be treated as an insurance policy, therefore it needs investment and budget. Careful planning and testing is also required to ensure that data is safe and accessible, ensuring data recovery is successful upon execution.

Are you looking for a simple solution with no downtime?

Timewade provide a simple, secure, and automatic solution that enables businesses to quickly recover from disasters. Technology which removes the risks of incomplete back-ups or corrupted data and data security so that if a catastrophe happens, your business systems and data remain safe and available within minutes.

Timewade’s Disaster Recovery and Backup solution will replicate your IT infrastructure safely and securely on site and to the cloud in the event of a major outage. You can either restore or reboot quickly from this local image or even use the image in the cloud to continue to operate from other hardware while your infrastructure is re-established.

With over 30 years’ experience why not get in contact with us to discuss your backup and disaster plan and requirements?



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