How outsourcing your IT can benefit your business

How outsourcing your IT can benefit your business Timewade

If your business has experienced considerable growth over the past couple of years, keeping up to date with, and implementing new technology can prove difficult and time consuming especially if you are spending a great deal of time reacting to existing IT issues.

The importance of IT within a business can often be overlooked and therefore if your business doesn’t have internal IT resource responsible for looking after your infrastructure, outsourcing your IT may be a viable option to ensure your technology remains stable, secure and moving in the right direction.

Here are just some of the benefits/advantages of outsourcing your IT:

IT Salary & Recruitment Costs

Some IT professionals can cost between £30-40k a year in salary, in addition there may be recruitment costs and also employee benefits, meaning some smaller businesses cannot afford this and will therefore take the decision to not to recruit a professional. By doing this their technology and business will be at risk.

Outsourcing your IT is an affordable solution and will generally be priced upon the services you require or on a per user basis within your business. You will also benefit from a team of skilled professionals, not just one!

Latest Technology

You can be confident that you will be working with experts who keep up to date with and have the latest technology trends, industry news and methodology at their disposal. Therefore they can help your business keep ahead of the competition by benefiting from new solutions and advances sooner rather than later.


An outsourced IT support team will also benefit from working with and supporting a wide range of clients from different industries. The experience gained from working with multiple clients can be invaluable, providing greater insight and ideas to solve your technology challenges.

Stay focused on your business not technical issues

If you are spending a great deal of time managing your IT infrastructure yourself, then you are probably losing valuable time that could be spent on more meaningful business strategies. By outsourcing your IT, you are then freeing up this time, meaning you can stay focused on your core business, with an expert team of trusted professionals ensuring your IT infrastructure allows the business to perform.

Strategy and Budget

Outsourcing your IT means it will also allow you to plan your IT activity and costs effectively, meaning you can set your budget with clear plan of required hardware and security software upgrades, projects and associated costs. Your IT Support Company will also work with you on your technology strategy to ensure risks are minimised and there are no surprises or unexpected costs.


IT security and protecting data is a priority for every business and with cyber threats continually evolving, staying in touch and up to date with new developments and threats within IT security can be time-consuming. Another benefit from outsourcing is that your IT Support Company will be able to advise on threats and risks that may affect your business and recommend the best practice and protection required.


Timewade’s ‘IT Manager’ means you can leave your IT systems to us, whilst focusing on what you do best – your core business. But what we do is more than just support: our proactive approach will ensure that we get to know and understand your business and future growth plans, too. When it comes to IT support in Devon, we’re not like any other company; we keep a close eye on your progress and are always in touch, so that we can provide you with appropriate advice, consultancy and recommendations.

If you are thinking of changing your existing IT Support or thinking of outsourcing for the first time, why not give us a call and find out just how we can help your business.

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