What’s the big deal about Infrastructure and Communications?

What’s the big deal about Infrastructure and Communications? 612 371 Timewade
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Blog written by Jordan Westcott,  Managing Director at Timewade.

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t get through to a business you need to talk to, or your internet goes down right when you need it most. That’s why it’s so important that businesses have the right communications infrastructure in place. It offers reliability, competitive advantage, potential savings and scalability. 

Thanks to advances in technology, businesses of all sizes can benefit from investing in reliable, scalable infrastructure, helping you work faster, more efficiently, and more securely.

Read on to find out more about communications infrastructure, and how it can help boost your business.


Business telephone systems

Tailored telephony solutions allow your customers and contacts to reach you easily with just one number, whether that’s at your desk, or on your mobile.

Business telephone systems enable you to have all your team’s mobile and landline handsets, and phone extensions, connected easily, along with additional advanced call features.

Many systems, including the one we use for our clients at Timewade, also have disaster recovery built in. This protects you if your broadband disconnects in the event of a power cut, damaged phone lines, or equipment failure.


Internet connectivity

The last thing you want is an unreliable internet connection getting in the way of your work and causing disruption across the team. It’s therefore important to implement the correct internet service solution for your business, that minimises business disruption. 

Leased lines offer businesses a dedicated data connection, which ensures a guaranteed speed, even at peak times. They won’t be slowed down by external interference, and typically provide faster upload, download, and loading times. 

A secondary connection should be considered too, which can be a connection which is not quite as fast but would keep your business running in the event of the primary connection failing.

If this isn’t something your business uses already, we recommend you find out more about enhancing your services and improving reliability.


Data cabling and wireless connectivity

Having access to a fast network is vital for any business that relies on internet connectivity. Secure wireless networks for your business, and your visitors, is crucial for cyber security, as well as improving efficiency across your team.

If your business has multiple office locations, or many departments working on one site, it’s a good idea to have a network system that can connect all employees and hardware seamlessly. This allows your staff to work quickly, and effectively with less risk of your internet or data systems going down.

Data cabling connects all the devices in your location to each other, allowing data to seamlessly flow between them. This removes the risk of external interference causing problems with your internet or data, and ensures your connectivity is not slowed down by anything happening outside of your organisation.

Business telephone systems, dedicated internet connectivity, and data cabling all enable seamless communications, reliable infrastructure, and competitive advantage. It’s a big deal for customer service, efficiency, and ultimately, business success, which is why it’s so important to have the right communications infrastructure in place.


Contact our team of experts to find out more about the industry-leading infrastructure and communication solutions we offer our customers.

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