New Service Desk Analyst joins Timewade team

New Service Desk Analyst joins Timewade team 2444 2560 Timewade
Timewade Service Desk Analyst Edward

Edward Lister recently joined the Timewade team as a Service Desk Analyst, and is working with the rest of the Service Desk team to provide technical support for our clients.

Edward said: “I’m excited about this new opportunity at Timewade. My previous experience was in a similar area, but less advanced than what we do here. The work I’m doing now allows me to take ownership of a problem right the way through, and I’m able to take on more responsibility. It’s been a big change, but a great step up.”

Edward has been passionate about technology from a young age, and his interest was first sparked through playing computer games with friends.

Edward said: “It was computer games which first got me interested in technology. When I was at school, I was introduced to a new game by a friend. I bought my own computer, and that’s what sparked my interest. I was always wanting to play around with the hardware, and fix issues. Overcoming those technical hurdles made me develop a real passion for technology at a young age.

“That love I have for problem solving is what I enjoy most about my work now. I really enjoy getting things working again, and that satisfaction when something gets fixed and our clients are really happy is a great feeling.

“As well as problem solving, I also love learning new things, and that’s something that’s really supported here at Timewade. I’m learning new methods and technical specialties in areas I haven’t really had the opportunity to do before, which is really exciting.

“I’ve already learned a lot from the rest of the team, and the training has been excellent. Before I came to Timewade, I didn’t know much about the Microsoft Cloud Solutions – Admin Centre, Sharepoint and so on – so that was all brand new to me. I now feel really confident being able to troubleshoot all kinds of problems.

“I’ve also had Sophos Endpoint training – the anti virus solution we use – which again was something I hadn’t encountered before. In the future I’m going to be doing the Sophos Engineering Certification, delving into the firewall, which is a major aspect of the support we provide. Learning the ins-and-outs of that will be quite an achievement, and I’m really looking forward to it.

“When I first joined the team, I felt like I instantly fit in well with everybody. Everybody was really welcoming, and the team are supportive and have already helped me learn so much from their wealth of knowledge. The culture’s great. Everyone’s very focussed, supportive, and – importantly – have a great sense of humour!”

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