Celebrating Jack Dale’s first year as a Timewade Project Specialist

Celebrating Jack Dale’s first year as a Timewade Project Specialist 480 480 Timewade

Jack Dale, one of our Project Specialists, is celebrating his one year anniversary of joining Timewade! Jack’s dedication and expertise have been pivotal in advancing our commitment to excellence, and he’s a key part of our project team. In this blog, Jack reflects on his first year at Timewade, and what he’s looking forward to in the future.

What’s it like being a Project Specialist?

My role is all about planning and implementing the installation of solutions and systems and systems. I work closely with the Service Desk team to address any ongoing issues, and develop projects that provide long-term solutions. Our team of Project Specialists focuses on improving clients technologyto reduce reactive issues, and ensure a seamless technology experience for our clients.

What makes Timewade stand out from other IT support providers?

We are genuinely dedicated to providing exceptional service. We believe in going the extra mile – and that often means going on-site to visit our clients in person. We really take ownership of technology problems by being onsite and, we build relationships with each member of the clients team face to face. Even this morning, I was on-site at 6am to oversee a project and ensure everything was running smoothly, ready for the client to start their day. Our commitment to proactive problem-solving and a customer-first approach makes us a team I’m proud to be a part of.

What’s the culture like at Timewade?

The team dynamic at Timewade is fantastic. We have many company socials, including a recent summer BBQ at Winslade Park, which was a great success and we’re all looking forward to the next event. I’ve even managed to get many of my colleagues to join my badminton team, and we’ve also started a company spikeball club on Fridays after work!

How have your skills developed over the past year?

During my first year at Timewade, I’ve had loads of opportunities to enhance my skills. I was particularly excited to have been able to carry out the planning, managing and implementation of two new server projects. I’ve also achieved several certifications, including successfully passing my MS-900 exam.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

I’m looking forward to doing a Windows Server Hybrid Infrastructure course that will involve a week of immersive training at a training centre.. As our project team continues to grow, I’m eager to pass on my expertise to junior team members, potentially gaining new skills involving training and management.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Timewade?

The best part of working at Timewade is how time flies by when I’m here. The diverse nature of my role means every day is different. I’m constantly on the move, visiting different places, getting to meet our clients, and tackling exciting challenges. Working here doesn’t feel like a chore – I’m doing what I love, and making a meaningful impact every day.

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