Where is Technology taking your business in 2019?

Where is Technology taking your business in 2019? Timewade

Has your business considered it’s technology plans for 2019?

Implementing a ‘technology roadmap‘ should be an essential part of your overall strategic plan, especially if your business is anticipating growth in 2019.

Your technology roadmap should include your current IT infrastructure and capabilities and in addition your future technology requirements, initiatives and improvements that are needed for your business to reach its strategic goals.

Technology is constantly evolving and changes with great speed and therefore businesses need to start thinking ahead to ensure that their own technology does not fall behind and become the pain point for the organisation.

When developing your technology roadmap you will need an understanding of your organisations growth plans for the year.  If growth is anticipated, you should consider if this means taking on new customers and whether this will require the need to recruit new team members to service your customers and to help achieve your goals. You need to make sure your technology can adapt to meet the new demands on the business whilst considering the impact and risk to your current infrastructure and data security.

The more customers you take on and the additional users added to your network may pose security issues, therefore starting to plan and prepare early with your roadmap is fundamental to manage potential risks such as data security and storage, connectivity and bandwidth capacity.

A great technology roadmap should be an ongoing process that identifies the key technology initiatives that will support the needs of the organisation. It is also best practice to ensure your business is aware of product ‘end of life’ and ensuring an up to date asset list is in place to feed rolling replacements.

By forward thinking and planning about your business needs, you can reduce risk and prevent issues surfacing.

An integral part to Timewade’s managed IT service is your technology strategy, roadmap and budget. We will regularly meet with you to discuss your business goals and what this means for your technology and infrastructure, enabling you to plan and budget accordingly. We will work with you to create a bespoke IT roadmap covering the next 12-18 months ensuring this reflects your financial year and business objectives.

Timewade already provide IT Support and IT Services to a wide range of businesses from different industries with varying complexities and needs. Our customer focused and pro-active approach, together with our experience consultants and analysts ensures our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements and our outsourced IT Support.



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