Understanding Ethical Practice at the T4S SME Live Summit

Understanding Ethical Practice at the T4S SME Live Summit 1000 667 Timewade

Contributed by Alison Lambert, Director at Commissioning HR

There is no doubt that the biggest impact COVID-19 will have is on your people. We cannot predict what lasting effects this pandemic will have on people’s psychological wellbeing, but smart employers will recognise this and put employee well being high on their people plan.

Businesses are making some difficult, and possibly long-term, decisions. Whatever impact COVID-19 has had on your business and the changes you need to rapidly respond to, you will come out stronger if you apply ethical practice to your people plan.

At the T4S SME Live Summit we’ll be giving insight into how you can effectively engage with your workforce to find new ways to be creative and play to people’s strengths to adapt to new market conditions.

Our top learnings to take from this crisis include:

  1. Have business continuity plans that allow for agile working.
  2. Invest in your people and they will invest in your business.
  3. Treat employees as individuals – ‘you don’t stop being you when you turn up to work’.

Commissioning HR specialises in transformative change and putting people at the heart of business. We are passionate about ensuring Good Work is embedded in organisational change and will be sharing our insights through the Technology for Success programme to help South West businesses emerge as ethical employers.

Join us at the T4S SME Live Summit, where we’ll be sharing our advice on how to ensure that your business emerges with the reputation as an ethical employer, both to mitigate the negative impact of survivor syndrome, and for your wider reputation in the community. Book your place here: bit.ly/T4S_SME_Live

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