Why make the switch to Microsoft Azure?

Why make the switch to Microsoft Azure? 600 400 Timewade

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform was launched in February 2010 and features a growing collection of cloud services to help organisations meet their business challenges, including virtual machines, databases, file storage, backups and services for mobile and web applications.

Whether you are considering using the cloud as a primary or back up option, Azure from Microsoft is the cloud you can trust. Here are just some of the Microsoft Azure benefits:

Flexibility and Affordability

Azure offers flexible purchase and pricing options for all your cloud scenarios. There are no upfront costs and you only pay for what you use and not reserved capacity. They also offer extensive tools to help you manage your cloud spend.

Azure provides flexibility allowing you to increase or decrease resources without capital expenditure which enables your business to grow and adapt. Therefore you can increase your resources without the need to purchase upfront hardware or software and reduce your requirements without leaving an under-utilised on-premise server. Microsoft Azure benefits mean you can scale up to handle high demand, as well as ensure you are not paying for more than you need.


Azure offers a wide area of global data centres which ensures continuous availability, with 90% of Fortune 500 Companies trusting their business on the Microsoft Cloud.


Keeping data confidential is essential for any organisation, and some businesses worry about cloud computing and security. Security and compliance  is a top priority for Microsoft  and they have made an industry-leading commitment to the protection and privacy of your data. Azure also safeguards customer data in the cloud for companies bound by extensive regulations regarding the use, transmission and storage of data.

Hybrid Cloud

You do not need to move everything to the cloud. You can operate some hybrid solutions with some services, data or applications remaining on site. Choose the migration path that is best for your business.

Why Azure and not other cloud services?

There are some great advantages and benefits of Microsoft Azure; it is the only consistent hybrid cloud and has more regions than any other cloud provider. Azure also provides more comprehensive compliance coverage which includes meeting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Whether you’re in the early stages of migration assessment, or just starting to plan your approach, keep in mind that migration can be easier with a trusted provider like Microsoft.

Speak to Timewade about all your IT requirements, as a Microsoft partner, we have extensive experience of working with Azure solutions and can work with you to migrate your business to the cloud.

For any questions or further information on Microsoft Azure benefits, please feel free to get in touch.


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