The journey from Service Desk to Operations Manager at Timewade

The journey from Service Desk to Operations Manager at Timewade 984 576 Timewade

Ross Coram first joined Timewade as a Service Desk Analyst in 2020, during the pandemic. After just over a year, he stepped up as the Service Desk Team Leader and one year later progressed into the Service Desk Manager role, before becoming Operations Manager in December 2023.

In this blog, Ross discusses his new role, the exciting journey to Operations Manager, and what he loves most about his work. 

What does being an Operations Manager involve?

“This role involves wider responsibility, for the whole service team as well as the service desk itself. This includes projects, which is how we deploy and deliver new solutions to clients.

“I am also now working with our Technology for Success team, which involves visiting sites and analysing clients’ systems, making sure they’re fit for purpose and adhering to our best practices.”

In Ross’s new role he will also have a greater involvement in the team’s development, as well as overseeing business operations.

Ross said: “I’m looking forward to delving further into how we can provide the best customer service to our clients, and how we can build upon the personal development of the team.

I also really value the importance of supporting each other in sharing and learning from our experiences and knowledge. Continuous learning is something I’ll be focusing on, helping us to keep building our team’s expertise.”

One of Ross’s previous roles included mentoring apprentices from Exeter College.

Ross said: “I will be continuing my work with apprentices in my new role. Helping students understand the technologies and tools we use is really rewarding. It’s fantastic helping them in their career journey, seeing their development during their time with us, and ultimately supporting them in starting their own careers in the tech world.”

How did you get into tech?

“I started in IT around 10 years ago, after deciding to go down the self-study route. I achieved my first Microsoft exam, which opened up opportunities for me to progress in the business I was working in. 

“I looked at studying A-Level IT at college, but there just wasn’t enough exposure in IT at the time. Instead, I started in a junior IT role and eventually progressed into other roles until I joined Timewade.”

Learning and development

“Working in a managed service provider exposes me to diverse industries and various technologies, offering valuable insights into both established and emerging tech.

“I’ve had the chance to witness businesses evolve with technology, supporting their growth journeys. Experience has been key; learning from both successes and missteps has shaped my journey. Having the trust of Jordan, our Managing Director and Julian, our CEO, has been instrumental to that.

“We believe in allowing room for mistakes as they foster growth and development. It’s crucial to try new things; it’s the only way to truly progress!”

What are you most excited about in your new role?

“Being a smaller company means that what you do can have a direct impact. You can really make changes and share ideas. It’s massively rewarding when you have made a suggestion and you can see it come to fruition.

“I’m really excited about playing a bigger role in Timewade’s growth journey. The business has changed massively in the last three years since I joined, and we have some really exciting projects planned for the future.”

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