New Internal Account Manager joins Timewade

New Internal Account Manager joins Timewade 1913 1600 Timewade

Jess joined our team in May 2023 as an Internal Account Manager, working to ensure the successful delivery of technology solutions, scope new proposals, and build client relationships. In this blog, Jess shares insights into her career journey and what her experience with Timewade has been like so far.

What does your new role at Timewade involve?

I work closely with our Business Technology Consultant, Candice, to support our clients, manage their technology solutions, keep our documentation up to date, scope new proposals, and attend technology meetings and presentations.

I’m focussed on building strong relationships with clients to make sure all our work for them is going to plan, to support their success and ensure their organisation is working to the best of their capability.

What do you like most about your role at Timewade?

I love getting to know the clients, especially doing onsite visits to meet them in person and really understand how they work. 

I also enjoy learning, so I’m finding working with IT and technology really interesting as I’m learning about the technology solutions we provide, and why technology is such an important part of any business. Timewade has a strong focus on learning and development (I’m always seeing people studying for courses!) so I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge and gaining specialised skills in the future.

Tell us about your career background!

Being a real people person, I’ve always worked in customer facing roles. Previously, I worked in recruitment, and most recently spent four years in account management in manufacturing, ensuring orders and deliveries were processed correctly and making sure our customers were happy.

What’s your team like?

Everyone’s super friendly and welcoming, and there’s always something social going on! It’s a very team-driven environment, and I feel encouraged to go out of my comfort zone to learn new things. If you’re considering applying for a role here, go for it! The people are wonderful, and you really couldn’t find a more supportive environment to work in.

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