Marketing and Communications at the T4S SME Live Summit

Marketing and Communications at the T4S SME Live Summit 2560 1707 Timewade

Contributed by: Dan Pritchard, Managing Director of Astley Media

Disruption in society, economies, politics and commerce. It’s little wonder so many SMEs feel overwhelmed.

If you’re a business with a strong track record, tried and trusted ways of doing things and steady growth, then get ready – you might not survive the next five years.

During the T4S SME Live Summit we’ll be talking about how technology is a driver for change and why the businesses who adopt new technologies to engage with customers will be the ones to thrive.

But of course, underpinning your use of technology in marketing, there has to be real substance.

So, when it comes to communicating with your customers, remember these three points:
1 – Know your story. It’s how you connect and resonate with potential customers.
2 – Emotion matters. It powers those stories and allows people to connect with them and respond.
3 – Get your story right then use technology to create experiences, sharing your story in new ways.

The marketing Astley Media delivers for brands is the stories told at the intersection of people and technology. That’s our passion and expertise. It is, we believe, where brands must consistently deliver to be relevant and successful in the 2020s.

We’ll be sharing some of our expertise and highlighting new learning on marketing and technology at the T4S SME Live Summit. We’re delighted to be involved and hope you can join us, book your place here:

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