Essential HR for SMEs in the ‘new normal’

Essential HR for SMEs in the ‘new normal’ 1380 778 Timewade

The next session in the Technology for Success Essential Guidance for SMEs webinar series run by Timewade will be on the topic of Human Resources.

Hosted by Alison Lambert of Commissioning HR, the 45 minute masterclass will focus on “Human Resources: Essential HR for SMEs in the ‘new normal’”. Alison will be looking at the current situation, where many of us are using technology to work from home, manage remote teams and keep in touch with furloughed staff.

The webinar will look beyond the current situation and towards the future, providing you with key strategies for planning your workforce for the post-lockdown world.

On returning to the workplace, businesses will be required to put in place a number of practical steps to ensure the safety of their staff. However, the human element must not be overlooked. Staff must have the space to reconnect with one another – while those who have been furloughed may require extra settling-in time in order to re-engage with their colleagues and their work.

Alison’s webinar will provide practical tips and tools to support business leaders achieve this.

Many of our guest speakers have spoken about the ‘new reality’ we find ourselves in. Alison’s webinar will encourage us to look ahead and think about the new working environment of a post-lockdown world.

Will we ever go back to the way we worked before? It might be too early to tell, but Alison is sure of one thing: technology and infrastructure will play a crucial role in ensuring a flexible, agile and resilient workforce in the future.

Together with insight from Timewade, the webinar will provide essential advice and guidance.

This webinar will take place on Friday May 15 from 8.30-9.15am. Book your place here:

Alison said: “Businesses have moved rapidly in adapting to the ‘new normal’, but for long-term business success it is vital to start thinking about what comes next.

“How will businesses manage their workforce, adapt to the expectations of their staff and plan for the new world of work post-lockdown? I’ll be answering that and many other questions next Thursday.”

Julian Wills, Managing Director of Timewade and Founder of Technology for Success, will be on hand to explain some of the IT and tech challenges organisations are facing.

Once booked, you will receive instructions on how to submit questions for Alison and Julian to answer.

For more information on this webinar and others in the series, and to sign up, visit:

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