How will your business use technology in 2020?

How will your business use technology in 2020? 1280 893 Timewade

All businesses need to think and act like tech businesses, moving quickly to react to new opportunities and making sure the right technology is being used to help tackle every business challenge.

In the 2020 Technology for Success survey, we asked South West business leaders what specific new technologies they will be using to help grow their business over the next five years?

Responses included automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, VOIP phones and the Internet of Things.

All the results have been analysed and the full report will be launched at the next Technology for Success business group and available at from Friday January 24.

But for those who can’t wait, here is a sneak preview into just one part of the report.

The survey shows that where and how we work is rapidly changing.

Cloud computing, VOIP phones and anytime access allows us to use technology to work at any time of day and night, from any location. The Internet of Things helps us improve our workspaces with sensors measuring heat, light and air quality.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will enable businesses to run more efficiently, by saving time and money through the automation of manual tasks.

AI can also be used to improve data analysis, reducing human error and providing a level of detail and depth impossible for data analysts. This insight can be used to inform service improvements for customers.

All these technologies are recognised by businesses in the region. But how will they be used? Well, the top four responses to how technology will support business growth over the next five years were to improve:

  • Flexible work options
  • Service delivery
  • Data analysis
  • Efficiency

Businesses clearly know they want to use technology to improve aspects of their organisation. But it’s less clear how they are progressing.

It can be daunting to know where to start. A great way is talking to other businesses who are embarking on a similar journey. Some of those companies are getting involved with the Technology for Success monthly business group.

To learn more, download the Technology for Success report from Friday. As well as the survey results (covering Business Strategy, Systems & Software, Productivity, Achieving Growth, Tech Trends and the Tech Ninja Barometer!), there are tips and examples from businesses across the region. Use it to kick start your Technology for Success journey.

I’ll be looking in more detail at the report and its findings in the next blog.

Here’s to a successful and tech-savvy 2000.

Julian Wills


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