Protect your Business from Ransomware

Protect your Business from Ransomware 600 400 Timewade

Following its emergence from Russia and Eastern Europe back in 2009; Ransomware, a malicious form of software, has become a significant threat to businesses and has caused high infection rates and disruption globally.

Ransomware will take the victims data, encrypt it, restrict access or lock your computer screens and then hold it hostage until the user pays a ransom to secure its release and to regain access to their system.

Ransomware is generally transmitted through user-initiated actions, including:
 Clicking on an affected pop up adverts
 Clicking on a malicious link within an email or social media/instant messages
 Opening malicious attachments within emails that may come from unknown senders
 Visiting an infected website
 Downloading an infected file or business application

Reduce the risks to your business,  here are some key areas where you can protect your Network and Systems against Ransomware:

Back up Frequently
It is best practice to keep a recent copy offline as well as off-site so that data loss can be minimised and so that ransomware cannot reach it. Take advantage of cloud backup technologies.

Early and often, the sooner you patch you limit the opportunities for ransomware to be exploited.

Restrict Internet Access
Consider web filtering software and restricting access to certain risk areas such as personal email accounts and social media.

Be cautious about unsolicited attachments
If in doubt don’t open it, check with the sender if possible or refer to your IT experts.

Antivirus is not enough
Businesses need a multi layered approach, antivirus on its own is not enough to protect end users. Use stateful firewalls and anti-ransomware agents to layer on top of your antivirus.

Ransomware Awareness/IT Security Training for your staff
Speak to your employees regularly to make them aware and keep them updated of the risks associated with Ransomware, enabling them to identify suspicious emails, links and activity.

Have a plan!
What should you do in the event of a ransomware attack?

Is your business protected? Talk to Timewade about our effective solutions that will defend against ransomware and other advanced threats.

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