Taking cyber security to the next level with Cyber Essentials Plus

Taking cyber security to the next level with Cyber Essentials Plus 612 348 Timewade

We’re pleased to announce that Timewade is Cyber Essentials Plus certified! Since getting Cyber Essentials certified in 2017 and recertifying each year, we’ve undergone an independent technical audit to receive Cyber Essential Plus certification, taking our commitment to cyber security to the next level.

Becoming Cyber Essential Plus certified was the next step in our ongoing commitment to being cyber secure, and ensuring we offer our clients the very best in the sector.

What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

Cyber Essentials is a Government scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against the most common internet threats. Being Cyber Essentials certified shows a strong commitment to being cyber secure, and keeping customers’ and clients’ information safe.

The scheme covers five main technical areas:

  • Securing your internet connection (firewalls and routers)
  • Securing your devices and software (secure configuration)
  • Control access to your data and services (access control)
  • Protection against viruses and other malware (malware protection)
  • Keeping your devices and software up to date (software updates)

Did you know Timewade offers Cyber Essentials certification for our clients? Find out about the potential benefits of Cyber Essentials for your organisation below. 

What are the benefits of being Cyber Essentials certified?

Becoming Cyber Essentials certified reassures customers that you are working to secure your IT against cyber attacks. This works hand-in-hand when it comes to attracting new business, as it shows you have comprehensive cyber security measures in place.

The certification opens up opportunities to bid for larger business and government contracts, and reassures customers that you take cyber security seriously.

Being Cyber Essential certified also gives you peace of mind that your own business and data has robust cyber security to protect against potential threats. 

How to get your business Cyber Essentials certified

There are different levels of accreditation depending on your business goals. The Cyber Essentials scheme offers two levels: ‘Basic’, and ‘Plus’, which includes an independent technical audit.

The Cyber Essentials basic level is self-assessed and independently verified. It works in the format of a questionnaire which has eight sections and 70 questions.

Cyber Essentials Plus includes the Cyber Essentials questionnaire, with the addition of an independent technical audit of your systems, to verify that the Cyber Essentials controls are in place.

Interested in being certified, but not sure where to start? Our cyber security experts can help your business become Cyber Essentials certified. We review your technology processes and policies, find security gaps, and shut them down.

Find out how Timewade can get you Cyber Essentials certified.

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