How I got into Tech: Jordan Westcott, Operations Director at Timewade

How I got into Tech: Jordan Westcott, Operations Director at Timewade 2560 1709 Timewade

Jordan has been Operations Director at Timewade since October 2019, but he first started his journey at Timewade with a week’s work experience back in 2007. 

In this blog we will look at how one week’s work experience led him to be in the position he is in today. 


Route into Tech

Jordan explains: “When I was 12, my Mum won a HP computer which was worth about £1000, which was a huge amount of money back then. It was through her winning this prize that I first had access to a computer, and the internet at home. 

“I found myself exploring the PCs software and programmes such as the Encyclopedia and Google Earth (which is now Google Maps).

“ I spent my early teenage years fascinated by what the PC allowed me to do at a few clicks of a button and developed a technical ability, as well as an interest in the mechanics of how things worked.”


Skills and Qualifications

During his school years, Jordan found he was mostly interested in IT. 

He said: “I found school challenging but when it came to IT, I was amazed by what I was able to learn. I was taught how to build a simple website, how to budget using a spreadsheet and how to create formulas which I still use today!”

At 15 years old, it was time for Jordan to carry out a week’s work experience. Jordan contacted local IT companies, and secured a placement at Timewade where he learnt more about the industry and the types of jobs available. 

In 2008, Jordan left school. Keen to jump straight into the world of work he contacted Timewade and started an apprenticeship.

Jordan said: “I knew I wanted to learn on the job so an apprenticeship was perfect for me. I did an IT Practitioners course at Exeter College one day a week and spent the rest of my time learning on the job at Timewade. I experienced all aspects of IT support from repairing PCs through to answering phone calls to support customers.”


World of Work

After finishing his apprenticeship, Jordan has found himself on an exciting journey within the industry. 

“After I finished my apprenticeship, I continued to work at Timewade where I deployed new things such as email systems, built servers and completed various Microsoft courses.” 

“During the restructuring of Timewade in 2015, I was offered the position of Technical Consultant. This meant I was tasked with deploying projects, making recommendations and carrying out proactive checks of systems. Since then I’ve progressed to Business Technology Consultant; working with clients to provide the best IT recommendations to meet their needs and now, as the business and my experience continues to grow, I oversee all of the businesses operations.”


The Future

“In the future, I want to be able to mentor people and give them the opportunity to learn and develop, just like the one I was given. The vision is to continue delivering the service we are already providing and doing it with passion and integrity.”

“I’m excited to support Timewade and the team as the business grows and feel so thankful that I did my work experience and apprenticeship at Exeter College as it has led me to a career I love.”


Words of Wisdom

For young people looking to get into a career in tech, Jordan says: There are lots of routes into the technology sector, but get a qualification if you can, and then prepare yourself for a challenge! Find a business that will support you with your journey. Technology can’t be learnt overnight, but the rewards and opportunities are there. If you get into the sector early on and stick with it, you will be amazed at all the skills you will pick up along the way.”


Next Steps

There are a number of courses available at Exeter College including BTEC’s, and apprenticeships for school leavers as well as 12-week skills boot camps for adults aged 19+.  Discover more at: 

To find out more about the best route for you contact the Apprenticeship Team at Exeter College:; 01392 400800.

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