Technology for Success

Free tech insight, expertise and events for businesses.

T4S is a free programme for businesses starting to develop their Tech Strategy. It helps businesses make the right decisions to create opportunity, boost productivity and achieve growth.

Delivered in partnership with business experts, including Bishop Fleming and Stephens Scown LLP, more than 200 SMEs are now part of T4S. Check out the free resources for your business.

“Without a Tech Strategy, too many companies are making decisions in isolation and don’t know if they will lead to sustainable growth in the long-term.”

Julian Wills, Timewade

Your Tech Strategy

A Tech Strategy allows you to step back, be clear on your goals and work out how technology will help you reach them. It covers your customers, but also your employees, suppliers and partner organisations.

To achieve true ‘Technology for Success’ across your business you need a clear process and a ruthless focus on getting it done. Use our free Tech Strategy planning document to get started.

T4S Business Group:

The monthly online T4S Business Group provides attendees with a chance to chat, listen and learn about technology challenges and opportunities for businesses across the South West.

“Technology for Success has enabled our business to explore technology in a whole new light, driving us firmly into the future.”

Steve Noon, Silvalea

Benchmark your business

Download the latest Technology for Success report to discover how South West businesses are using technology, understand future trends and gain key insights. Take the ‘2021 Time to Deliver’ survey to feed into the latest data set for the next report.


Technology for Success is a partnership initiative.

T4S partners

“The T4S programme provides useful and practical solutions for SMEs. which help them to realise how they can include technology across the whole business to boost performance.”

Vikram Kamerkar, Minerva Lifelong Learning
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